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France, served up on a plate, now also in Arany Janos Street - Á Table!


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28/09/2012 2.00am

In this place, you feel like you have been dropped in France. This, considering the tastes, is the best thing that can happen to us. Also, with our bellies filled, it’s a lot easier to get back to work. Á Table!

Bread-fetishÁ Table, located in Retek Street opened a new place on the Pest side which is a little bit different from its predecessor. However, the bakery’s menu - the main reason why people go there - stayed the same in in the place of the former Brunch. The tastes speak for itself in the language of the French bakeries. In the interieur the main motif is bread-baking and the smells only strenghten the feeling even more. Colorful, with jam, with butter, with cheese, with shapes of Normandy, nicely. The baked goods come all the way from the shop in Buda, but fortunately the transportation is quite fast, so we can enjoy the fresh smell of what we eat.

The menu is translated into three different languages, but it’s a lot easier to choose by seeing things with our own eyes. It’s always okay to ask, because even the basic ingredients of the bagette-ciabatta-toast can easily surprise us, and we haven’t even mentioned the toppings of eggs, ham, cheese, courgettes, and avocados yet.Croissant, love, with loversThere are certain foods that make our taste buds explode at the moment their names are mentioned. Also, there are languages in which even a slice of bread with butter sounds like a gourmet dish. Let’s combine these two: pain au chocolat. See? There are many things like this on Á Table’s menu: Almond Croissants, home made jam, creamy mille feuille, tarte au citron and so on.
We know it would be worth it to choose the most special one, but to tell the truth we couldn’t resist the craving for a croissant with butter that didn’t come in first place by itself only because we ordered ham and cheese with it. The same thing happened with jams so we will try the ratatouille and the éclaire au chocolat next time.

French kissing BudapestWhere does this authentic atmosphere, and these original ingredients come from? And what about the real French tastes? The are brought here straight from France, personally by Anthony Lecaude, who decided to become a chef so long ago that he didn’t even have the chance know that there’s a place called Hungary. He also couldn’t know back then that women could be loved. This latter, proved to be so true that he moved to another country for one of them. Fortunately, he brought along his passion and some tastes to Budapest too so the original bakery could be opened last year and another one in Arany János Street just a couple of weeks ago.

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