Puskin Cinema (formerly known as Fórum Cinema) was the most elegant movie theater in town when it opened in 1926 – and it still is. For three years, only silent films were screened in its single hall, then, with the change of the times and a new owner, it was the first cinema in Hungary to screen sound films. Back then they only showed two short films, a clip from Cavalleria rusticana, and The Singing Fool – 623 people could watch these at the same time. The cinema was remodeled in 1988: the original façade and the lobby remained the same, but the screening hall was divided into three smaller ones (named Metropolis, Amarcord, and Körhinta). In 2013, the cinema was expanded with two small halls (Annie Hall, Mephisto), so now you can enjoy the latest art films, often within the frameworks of film festivals, in 5 different halls. Sometimes they also put mainstream movies on the program while on weekends there are films for children, too.