Perem is a riverside oasis on Népsziget Island, below the railway bridge in Újpest. Its name means edge in Hungarian, suggesting that it’s not one of Budapest’s central venues that lures tourists, but it’s still easily accessible on blue metro line 3. Afternoons at Perem are best spent gazing at the river among the trees, while the locale’s charming lights garlands and lanterns create a special atmosphere in the evening. Compared to most waterfront bars, Perem has an outstanding selection of drinks: there are small-batch beers as well as rare, pricy options, with high-quality wines and spirits also to be found. Hungry visitors can choose among a range of salads, lángos fried dough with various toppings, sandwiches and tortillas. DJ music, a unique atmosphere and the proximity of nature should make you forget all about your troubles while you’re here.