Madal Café, located a couple of coffee beans away from Jászai Mari Square, was named after Sry Chimnoy, who had simply been called Madal before he became an exceedingly prolific polymath and a globetrotting spiritual teacher. The coffee assortment here is mainly characterized by medium-roast arabicas imported from England and Austria, while Madal''s coffee-brewing concept is a mixture of Italian traditions and new-wave methods. In addition to stylish cappucino we can also order cascara, flat white, and filter coffee. This friendly café is complete with a terrace. and in the summer of 2017 they also created a "living room" here; they extended the seating area with a friendly sous terrain. We were truly happy about this novelty, as we love spending time at Madal, and also because during the colder months it is especially nice to cozy up here with a coffee and some cake.