The Klauzál tér Market Hall was built in the place of a burned-down theater in 1897, at the period when the capital was suffering from a market hall fever and opened five market halls. The once imposing structure with three hundred retail outlets was renovated in 1987 and then in 2015. This time the city administration dreamed up a hall with new features and spaces, and the plan came true in October. The building is still accessible through the main entrances at Klauzál tér and Akácfa utca, and customers can go to the brand new mezzanine level by stairs, escalator or elevator. In addition to farmers’ tables and display cabinets, numerous catering units, fine bakeries, as well as traditional artisans and suppliers will await customers seven days a week. We highly recommend to try the pancakes on the first floor.

Tip: If you would like to taste old-fashioned Hungarian pastries, do not miss out on Lúd Cukrászda (Goose Confectionery).