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House of Music Hungary

Arguably the most anticipated new initiative in Budapest since the millennium arts centre two decades ago, the House of Music Hungary was unveiled just before Christmas 2021 in City Park. Designed by Sou Fujimoto, it is recognisable by its signature roof, dotted with holes through which light and sound can travel, and trees can poke through. A huge glass wall surrounds everything – standing in the 300-seat concert hall makes you feel being in a giant aquarium. It is rare for the wall of a concert hall to be made of glass, and the acoustics are simply amazing. The 12-metre-high, continuous glass wall consists of 94 pieces, each of which has been manufactured individually. Wandering through the three levels of the Hungarian House of Music, its manifold functions feel more striking than the architecture around it. This is a concert venue, educational centre and museum in one, divided according to floor. Performances take place at park level and the area for concerts has been extended outdoors, so in summer it's a popular place for alfresco music and cocktails.


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