Hall Of Parkour Hungary, the first indoor space of its kind here, is located in Kőbánya. Parkour is an extreme street sport involving raw strength and acrobatic skills. Originating as a widespread urban sport from Paris, it is often described as the sport of jumping from roof to roof between buildings, but this isn’t all there is to it. The first generation of Hungarian parkourers, for example, trained on the walls of Buda Castle, until they were banned. Leading members of the local parkour community, Vajk Szentváry-Lukács and Áron Máté realised what lovers of this unique sport had been missing in Budapest, and decided to establish a practice space to enjoy this activity in a free and secure way. They provide a variety of training programmes, including group sessions or more intensive private sessions for beginners, while pros can practise for free. Soon, visitors will also find workshops and aerial acrobatic training, while under-14s will be given special sessions.