Approaching the slide park requires a bit of a hike on the bath side of Gellért Hill, but it’s worth it. Finding it isn’t a difficult task, thanks to the excited screams of the children who are already there and the wooden signs along the way. The playground was set up in 1967 and it was renovated exactly 50 years later, in 2017, and the results are spectacular. The park is full of exciting slides and other playground equipment, so even those who aren’t fans of slides can have fun. The surrounding area also received a facelift: the hillside is now covered with a secure rubber coating, the public toilet was renovated, the tourist signs were repainted, and there’s even a drinking fountain now.

Tip: At the end of a busy day at the park, you can rest at the cross above the Cave Church, which can be reached with a short walk, and from where there’s a beautiful view.

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