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Gellért Bath

Photo : Bódis Krisztián / We Love Budapest
Gellért Fürdő, fürdő, medence

The Gellért is the best known (and most expensive) historical bath of Budapest. The magnificent Art Noveau buillding between the Gellért Hill and the Liberty Bridge opened its gates in 1918. The bath is part of the Gellért Hotel, which was the icon of Budapest hotels for nearly 100 years; although it has lost some of its glory since, it is still a symbol of welfare and comfort. Most of its old shine was restored in the frame of a comprehensive renovation in 2008.

Gellért Bath has several indoor thermal pools and swimming pools, a large outdoor adventure pool and an outdoor wave pool.  In addition to recreational bathing, the complex also offers medial treatments, beauty treatments, massage, and other services, and has a sauna, a steam room, a sunbathing terrace, and a dentist’s office. You can choose from a range of packages, from 1-day to 2-week all-round treatments.

Opening hours
PHONE : +3614666166