ELTE’s (Eötvös Loránd University) central library was the first Hungarian university library, and also is a scientific institution with many traditions. It was founded in 1561 by Miklós Oláh, archbishop of Esztergom, as a library for the Jesuits. It was moved to its current location Ferenciek tere in 1784, with all the books that previously belonged to the abolished religious orders. The eclectic two floor building with an inner courtyard, as it is today, was built in 1876, according to the plans of Antal Skalnitzky and Henrik Koch Jr., and became an important venue for ELTE students. The area of the reading room is 200 m2, surrounded by huge windows and a glass ceiling. On its walls you can admire the frescos of Károly Lotz, in which women symbolize arts and sciences.