Wet ‘n Wild in Budapest


7/5/2013 2:00 AM

In the blazing heat of the Budapestian summer, find relief and play in water. Budapest is already renown for its baths and its proximity to Lake Balaton but far less known are the options that the Danube and other watering holes have to offer.
Herein discover the ways one can embrace water while sweating out the summer in Budapest’s cement jungle.

Photo: Széchenyi Fürdő

Széchenyi Baths


1146 Budapest, Állatkerti körút 11.

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Year round the mineral waters of Budapest' bath houses draw water lovers. In summer, the outdoor pool boasts a buoyancy beyond water as the bathhouse culture is in full swing! The Baroque architecture of the Széchenyi Thermal Bath plays as a living postcard. With three large pools to explore and frolic in, you have liquid wealth at your leisure. Play water chess, chill and chat with fellow water lovers or do you and swim some laps!
Go on and splash and soak in a that is over a hundred years ago!

Photo: Aquaworld Budapest

Aquaworld Resort Budapest


1044 Budapest, Íves utca 16.

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Take water in Budapest to another level when you rock out the eleven wild slides of ! Learn how to surf, dive or even swim with the programs available at this facility or just let your inner child play in Aqua World’s spectacular indoor and outdoor water park! They have epic Night Slide Parties with a DJ, a light show and access to all their wild slides. This playful watering hole is a sure way to beat the heat while getting your squeal on.

Photo: Óbuda



1033 Budapest, Fő tér és környéke

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Paddle the watery trail of the Danube. Feel the pulse of the river beneath you. At one point, stop paddling and just feel the pull of the current and drift with the river. Pack a picnic, dock at a beach and lollygag in the water! Take advantage of your day, your arms, your breath and the life of the river while paddling an unforgettable liquid journey in a canoe on the Danube!

Photo: Norbert Juhász - We Love Budapest

Feneketlen Lake


1114 Budapest, Frankfurt-sétány

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No need to journey to Balaton if you yearn for a silent lake! or ‘the bottomless lake’ is perfect for moments of chilling and relaxing. Fishing in it’s lake, laying on a blanket with friends next to the water or rocking one of it’s many benches where one can watch the ducks are favorite activities of those who come here. Come and simmer down from the heat and city life next to Lake Feneketlen that’s filled with bottomless moments!

Photo: We Love Budapest

Szabadság tér


1054 Budapest, Szabadság tér

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Water jets up from the ground in terrific patterns that are interesting enough to simply watch. However, on a hot day in Budapest, you can watch those who dare to dash between the water jets likely about to be sprayed and doused with water. Laughter floats among the sound of water spraying. Double dog dare yourself on a hot Budapestian day to race through the jets or go ahead and touch the water as it jumps! Enjoy the bubbly energy that a water oasis like this in the middle of the city can offer free of cost!

Photo: Kiripolszky Csongor - We Love Budapest

Városliget Café & Bar


1146 Budapest, Olof Palme sétány 5.

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You can hang out along the pond’s water line or you can paddle across it. Peruse this watery realm in a boat, paddling like you’re on a bicycle and chatting with your companions! It’s a light hearted way to spend an hour on the water. Városliget pond in the winter is popular as an ice skating rink and in the summer most flock here for a drowsy moment of relaxation or to paddling it’s water. Bring a drink, paddle with friends and enjoy this pleasant pond’s plateau!

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