On April 2nd, it will not only be people wearing blue around the globe. In Budapest, iconic landmarks will be illuminated to shine a light on autism.

April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day – a perfect reason to shine a light on autism worldwide. United Nations encourages its members to take steps to raise awareness, and Budapest is proudly joining the global initiative. Wearing blue is one of them, a nice gesture to stand by this cause publically. The Hungarian foundation Együtt az Autistákért not only launched a campaign #éniskékvagyok (#iamblue) but also kicked off an educational podcast series. Moreover, Nini Molnár is presenting her limited blue bag collection while the popular burger place Bamba Marha is serving up blue bun burgers throughout April, donating HUF 500 to the foundation after every purchase.

And the most spectacular action of all: the city's iconic landmarks will be painted blue – keep an eye out for the illuminated Chain Bridge, Citadel, Duna Arena, Puskás Arena, MOL Campus, Budapest Zoo & Botanical Gardens, Biodome, Bálna, and some buildings in the Castle District.