Bye-bye Sziget! Highlights of Day 6


  • Gábor Wágner

15/08/2022 3.42pm

Today’s the last night of Sziget 2022, so get your fill of great live sounds before 2023 comes around! Alex Turner and the Arctic Monkeys haven't been on stage in three years, so they're ready to go tonite on the Main Stage. Elsewhere, there’s rap from New York and west Belfast, masked tech house from Germany and electronica from LA.

Photo: Princess Nokia - Facebook

Princess Nokia


Princess Nokia is a 30-year-old rapper from New York who appeared in the early 2010s and has released four LPs so far. Her influences came from many directions, not only from hip hop, funk, soul and R'n'B, but also hardcore, punk, nu metal and even house parties. FreeDome, 8.15pm

Photo: Kneecap - Facebook



Provocative by name, provocative by nature, this rap trio from west Belfast comprise Mo Chara, Móglaí Bap and DJ Próvaí. Singing in Irish interspersed with caustic interjections in English, Kneecap bring a little rock, funk and electronica to flesh out their rap anger. Drop Yard, 8.30pm


Arctic Monkeys


It’s now 20 years since Alex Turner formed the Arctic Monkeys in Sheffield. Their consistency in all that time has been astonishing, the last studio album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino veering off into new musical territory and still selling squillions. The current tour – Pula Arena tomorrow, then Reading, Leeds and beyond – represents their first live dates in three years, so expect plenty of energy and a few old favourites. Main Stage, 9.15pm

Photo: Fontaine's D.C. - Facebook

Fontaines D.C.


Dublin post-punksters Fontaines D.C. are long-established favourites on the festival circuit, this time promoting their third album, Skinty Fia, released this April. The previous release, A Hero’s Death, was Grammy-nominated. Expect an up-for-it crowd and mosh aplenty. FreeDome, midnight

Photo: Sasha - Facebook



Welsh not Russian, DJ Sasha harks back to the classic acid house days of the late 1980s, teaming up with John Digweed to conquer superclubs and festivals across the UK and far beyond. Sasha's sets are special musical journeys that always take you to an unknown world. Colosseum, 1am

Photo: Claptone - Facebook



One person, two or three, no-one quite knows, Claptone is a Berlin-based musical project involving house and tech house performed in medieval plague masks. Anonymity has its virtues, as Claptone land top gigs in Ibiza and prestigious collaborations with the likes of Seal, and Peter Bjorn and John. Party Arena, 2am

Photo: Tokimonsta - Facebook



A DJ-producer from Los Angeles, Jennifer Lee has Korean ancestry, hence her stage name taken from the words for ‘rabbit’ and ‘monster’. Tokimonsta has been most active in terms of record releases, having issued several LPs and remix albums, DJ mixes and EPs since 2008. FreeDome, 3am

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