7+1 top new outdoor drinking spots in Budapest this summer


  • Gábor Wágner

19/08/2021 3.24pm

With the reopening of Budapest, new terrace bars have appeared around the city while some revered favourites have had to close. Here are seven great alfresco drinking options of 2021 vintage – and a suggestion for an outdoor bar crawl away from the crowds.

Photo: Dürer Kert Facebook-oldala

Dürer Kert


1117 Budapest, Vízpart Utca 1.

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The old Dürer Kert was a real Budapest legend, a live-music venue (punk, metal, anything spiky) whose many bar areas were also popular, close to City Park. Long earmarked for closure, it moved this summer to the city’s burgeoning recreational hub of BudaPart, near Kopaszi-gát in south Buda. Despite a different atmosphere, it keeps faith with its heritage, keeping its alt-boho flavour while staging all kinds of events, many with free admission. Such is Saturday’s 12-hour music session Fresh ’n’ Spicy, running from 2pm and through most of the night.

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1101 Budapest, Kőbányai út 30


Once near the former Dürer Kert, another legend has closed: Kertem, a victim of lockdown and the Liget Project transforming City Park. This summer, they found a new location, on the edge of the south Pest industrial zone of Kőbánya, close to Népliget. The vast complex of ​​the former Northern Vehicle Repair Depot is shared with the Opera House and the new Museum of Transport, behind which a secluded space surrounded by old factory buildings now hosts this popular alfresco drinkery. It retains its old atmosphere and its loyal clientele, who just have to go that little but farther.

Photo: Gretchen Kessler - We Love Budapest



1103 Budapest, Gyömrői út 148


This summer’s big hitter, MONYO Land is where craft brewing and live music meet down in Kőbánya, courtyard location for these Budapest artisanal hipsters. With regular live acts towards the end of the week – look out for Lezarvs and Omega Diatribe this Friday, 20 August – MONYO should be busy for a good few weeks to come, despite the relatively long trek down here.

Photo: PONTOON Facebook-oldala



1051 Budapest, Vigadó tér 1A quay

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Rumours of the demise of prime party spot PONTOON were greatly exaggerated, it seems. Slated to be closed for two years while the nearby Chain Bridge is renovated, PONTOON popped up out of the blue, moving from one side of the Pest bridgehead to the other side, and shifting the whole shebang onto a ship. Gently rocking in the Danube, the boat has several decks, ideal to find somewhere to relax if the partying gets too much. If you’re out this weekend, it might be an idea to time your visit around Saturday night’s Balearic beats by Ibiza-based Landikhan, part of an evening set up by Pure Lust.

Photo: Mudra László - We Love Budapest

Tilos a Tilos


1088 Budapest, Mikszáth Kálmán tér 2


This 2021 newbie was not only a veteran of Pest nightlife but its prime driving force circa 1991. Back then, every underground band in town played here before the Tilos closed on New Year’s Eve 1994-95. Operating through the early 2000s as inferior café Zappa (who also played here), the venue changed hands so that five scenesters from Budapest’s drinking and dining scene can now revive it. Given the pandemic restrictions, they decided to name it Tilos A Tilos ('Forbidding the Forbidden’), and create a new logo and signature dishes and drinks. Its occupies a third of Mikszáth Kálmán tér, sharing the square with other branches of Fecske and Lumen. A series of unplugged concerts and gastro events is planned for autumn.

Photo: Waka Budapest

WAKA Budapest


1052 Budapest, Jane Haining rakpart 8a


Set on a boat on the Pest side of Elizabeth Bridge, WAKA Budapest serves cocktails in a tiki bar setting, inspired by the tropics. An elephant watches over you as you sip your Frozen Passion Negroni, the mixed drinks graced with high-end spirits such as Tanqueray, Absolut and Havana 7. Music-wise, electronica rules, with four Dark LAB DJs spinning for the fireworks boat party on 20 August, and Pécs pop-up party people LEGAL commandeering the boat on Saturday, 21 August. Sunset here is unbeatable.

Photo: Zsiráf Buda/Facebook

Zsiráf Buda


1024 Budapest, Kis Rókus utca 2-4


A long-established and busy spot alongside Nyugati station, Zsiráf opened its Buda location at Millennium Wind Gate Park this summer. Still finding its feet – there’s no WiFi and there’s some byzantine and draconian system for glass deposits – ’Giraffe’ still wins out with its verdant location, backdropped by the Buda hills. Ideal for early-evening chatter.

Photo: Major Kata - We Love Budapest

+1 Népsziget


1044 Budapest Zsilip utca


Népsziget ('People’s Island’, often referred to as 'Mosquito Island’) was an insect-ridden wilderness until a few summers ago, when places such as Wasser started to open up around the foot of Újpest railway bridge. Appealing to three vital customer bases in Budapest – cyclists, dog owners and those who prefer their company to foreigners – Népsziget slowly gained in popularity. Kabin remains the key place, where on Friday, 20 August, the Serial Chillers tread the boards. Still more underground than, say, Római-part over the river, Népliget still has that lost-in-the-woods feeling while being easily accessible from downtown Budapest.

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