Events Horizon: what’s happening in Budapest – October 2016


9/29/2016 3:40 PM

There are a lot of major events going on in October that you don’t want to miss: food fairs celebrating coffee, chimney cake, and whisky; all kinds of concerts; the Budapest Marathon, and much more. In this event roundup, we collect all of the important happenings taking place in Hungary’s capital during the upcoming weeks, so that you can plan ahead to attend whatever events are the most interesting for you. Get out there and enjoy everything that Budapest has to offer!

UH Fest


UH Fest, organized during

October 2-9, is one of the rare events dedicated to adventurous modern music in Hungary. The festival puts a special emphasis on presenting unconventional approaches towards music and pinpointing individual national scenes, which are — more often than not — left uncovered by the domestic media and bypassed by the organizers of large-scale festivals. Not focusing on genres is a principle that is reflected in the event’s

overall activity and programming. Any given member of the

audience is likely to hear music that s/he did not “intend to” hear, and will

explore something new.This year’s lineup features internationally acclaimed artists like Powell, Stara Rzeka, the Bug, Lotic, or Dwarfs Of East Agouza, who will perform at multiple locations, like
Trafó and


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Tesla Budapest (bezárt)


1075 Budapest, Kazinczy utca 21.

Több infó


Attention, caffeine addicts:

International Coffee Day
is celebrated for the fifth time in Budapest this autumn. This year, this tasteful

event is happening at

a new venue, in

the building and garden of Tesla Budapest on Kazinczy Street in downtown District VII. Coffee vendors, micro roasters, workshops, lectures, screenings (including the film The Coffee Man), competitions, and all-day coffee tasting awaits all visitors on October 2nd.

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CAFe Budapest


contemporary classical music

contemporary circus


art exhibits
, modern culture will again be highlighted in the Hungarian capital during the CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival,

to be held during


. During the wide-ranging


series, which is realized in cooperation between Müpa Budapest and the Budapest Festival and Tourism Center, audiences can enjoy the work of

outstanding Hungarian artists, along with global

stars like Wintergatan, Squarepusher, Yann Tiersen, Cory Henry, or Hiromi. This year’s events highlight

Polish art and artists, as well as the groundbreaking

Hungarian maestro

Béla Bartók, who was born 135 years ago.

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1117 Budapest, Petőfi híd budai hídfő

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the Copenhagen sample-duo
Den Sorte Skole
on stage, there are no genres and no boundaries. This is musical storytelling across time and space. Armed with turntables, samplers, and audio-effect machines, they’ll take you on a dark journey on October 13th aboard

the A38 Ship, drawing on

everything from Moroccan traditional songs, indigenous tribal hymns, and field recordings of Cameroonian Pygmies to Himalayan reggae, French industrial noise, and German electronic music. Beautiful soundscapes, heavy beats, and everything in between!

If one were to describe them by referring to other artists – an almost futile task –

they come across sounding like a weird hybrid of the Gaslamp Killer, Modeselektor, Brian Eno, and Ananda Shankar. Don’t miss them!

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Photo: Art Market Budapest

Millenáris Park


1024 Budapest, Kis Rókus utca 16-20.

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Central Europe’s premier showcase for contemporary art will be organized for the sixth time

in 2016 during
October 13-16, when

Art Market Budapest presents thousands of works by some

500 artists in a labyrinthine display

space covering almost 6,000 square meters of Millenáris Park’s expo facilities. The 100 exhibitors from 25 countries include all of the important galleries of Hungary. The section called Art Photo Budapest devotes an entire exhibition hall to photography, while sCULTURE
– a spectacular outdoor display of statues among the buildings of Millenáris – adds another dimension to the special selection inside. There are around 50


events to accompany this

fair, including book launches, performances, film screenings, and roundtable discussions;

this year there will be a special focus on Polish contemporary art.

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1117 Budapest, Petőfi híd budai hídfő

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Swans, one of the most influential groups in the history of
alternative music, is coming to an end; at least in terms of their current incarnation. Last summer, the band’s founder Michael Gira announced that

“The Glowing Man”

– which they are currently performing songs from on tour – will be their last album. Since their return in 2007, the band kept releasing outstanding records which are unrivaled in the precision of recording (as well as the work

of the musicians), energy that they bring with them, and the level of noise that is raised, especially during the concerts. Not to mention that their performances are already going into history as not only the loudest, but as well as the

longest ones
– they’ll perform for about two hours in


on October 21st aboard the A38 Ship.

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1094 Budapest, Liliom utca 41.

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Through its
trademark language
(scale models, video projections, video editing in real time, and live performers), the Spanish theater company
Agrupación Señor Serrano
presents a
scenic Western at

October 21st and

. In

A House in Asia”,

reality and its copies are mixed, drawing a

merciless pop portrait
of the decade following 9/11, the violent seed for the 21st century. The largest manhunt in history is represented by

a sheriff obsessed with a white whale. Copies, reflections, imitations, and cheeseburgers. A surreal performance taking on serious issues.

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Pig Slaughtering Sausage Festival


Get a taste of
traditional Hungarian sausage
at this meaty feast


October 21-23
amid the sprawling parkland of the Hungarian Railway Museum in Budapest’s District XIV. Here visitors can discover many of the country’s long-standing culinary customs, while devouring delicious meals accompanied by local pálinkas and beers. During the daytime family programs, sausage-making, and a grand presentation of vintage

automobiles and motorcycles all awaits guests on the ten-hectare event space. There’ll also be a lot of bands that will perform throughout

the three-day event.

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Public Holiday – observance of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956


This national holiday on October 23rd commemorates the 1956 Revolution against the Soviet occupation of

Hungary, featuring

political speeches and military processions at Kossuth Lajos Square, as well as a number of cultural programs organized around the historical day. Learn the history of 1956 in this article, and read the story of an eyewitness who recalls the day when

the revolution broke out. On this day – the 60th anniversary of the uprising

you are free to see the Holy Crown in the Parliament, and

there will be film screenings at the Corvin and

Tabán cinemas, as well as a

family day at the Museum Of Military History.

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Papp László Budapest Sportaréna


1143 Budapest, Stefánia út 2.

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On October 27th,
the Cure
will return to Budapest, after more than a decade of not embarking on a major tour – and at Papp László Sportaréna,
Robert Smith
and his band will explore 37 years of their

songs, mixing hits, rarities, favorites, and as-yet-unreleased tracks in a brand-new stage production. From the
post punkish/new waveish
songs of the ’70s to the
gothic rock
of the ’80s and mainstream hits like

“Friday I'm In Love”


“Just Like Heaven”, you’ll hear all of the important songs of a band that still continues to influence generations of musicians. Before them,
the Twilight Sad
will perform, who have already mastered many flavors of

, from their folky

debut album

“Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters”

to the

hard-edged electronica of

“No One Can Ever Know”.

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Corinthia Hotel Budapest


1073 Budapest, Erzsébet körút 43-49.

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The Whisky Show, Hungary’s version of the globally popular whisky expos, will take place for the sixth time this year, with the Corinthia Hotel Budapest hosting the event during
October 28-29. Visitors can sample some

100 different whiskiesover the two days of the festival. While an unparalleled number of whisky brands will participate in this year’s event, other top-quality

will also be available, including various kinds of rum, cognac, Armagnac, Calvados, and even Hungary’s own


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