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10/06/2011 2.00am

There are quality restaurants having some additional dishes for the morning hours, where you usually see continental, traditional English or Hungarian early meals. Choices are often ham & eggs, scrambled eggs, or Vienna sausage. If you would rather eat a fruit shake, fresh orange juice or a sandwich packed with rocket, it could be good news that there are more and more places offering healthy food for the morning in the city.



We, open-eyed dwellers, know very well where to appease our hunger on the weekdays while hurrying to work, or in the morning after, on an ‘early’ Sunday afternoon. Here is a list of the best places below that will certainly satisfy your needs.

Photo: Bar Ladino

Bar Ladino


Bar Ladino is a very interesting place hidden in Dob Street. The morning meals served from 10 am could be an excellent choice, although the range is not the widest. It is worth trying their omelets with goat’s-milk cheese or the peanut butter toast with granny’s jam. They often have interesting exhibitions inside the restaurant.

Photo: Café Alibi

Café Alibi


Café Alibi is right next to the Law Department of ELTE University. The place is both romantic and restrained at the same time, and the best thing is that you can order scrambled eggs and many other typical morning meals up to 4 pm. It is a must to taste the fruity milk shake and the freshly squeezed pineapple and grapefruit juice.

Café Alibi / Alibee Bistro (closed)
Address: 1052 Budapest, 2. Királyi Pál Street

Café Kör Restaurant


1051 Budapest, Sas utca 17

More info


Café Kör is very close to in the Sas Street of the 5th district. You can have different Hungarian dishes, half-boiled or fried eggs and some more traditional meals, from 10 to 12 o’clock. The choice is not the widest, but service is especially nice.

Photo: Cafe Picard

Café Picard


Café Picard is “a modern taste in the street of antiqueness”. You can have a nice breakfast or brunch from 7.30 am, if you like scrambled eggs with mangalica pig sausages or other delicious things in white Italian ciabattas.

Café Provence


Café Provence is a little far away from downtown, but it is the favorite place of locals of Buda. It has its own parking lot and playground, so it is ideal for a family meal. Our favorite is the croissant with lavender jam made fresh in the bakery, but you should try omelets with herbs and cheese or bagel with lox. The café pays special attention to children, so in the children’s menu you will find pancake with maple syrup or tuna sandwich roll with home-made lemonade. We might feel like cheating a little and ask a children menu for ourselves. Café Provence is the best choice for a French-style breakfast.

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