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Best spring exhibitions – Budapest museums and galleries put more shows online


  • Kovács Dávid

4/30/2020 10:22 AM

As the coronavirus continues to keep residents indoors, museums and galleries around Budapest are increasingly choosing to post their content online. From the comfort of your own home, you can immerse yourself in the last 50 years of Budapest's red metro, the career of a revered actress and the works of 2019 Biennale artist Tamás Waliczky, among others.

Photo: Acb Gallery

Hands that make the world go round even in the times of quarantine


The acb Gallery is presenting an online gallery during the coronavirus, organised in a room previously inaccessible to the public. The title reflects how, while our reality has been rocked by the pandemic, art will persevere through the storm. The works on display reflect the “cessation of our encounters and intimacy, and the accelerating digitisation of our experience of nature”. 

View the gallery here 

Photo: Szalay Zoltán / Fortepan

Irén Psota (1929-2016)


The esteemed Hungarian actress Irén Psota, twice winner of the Kossuth and Jászai Mari prizes, is the subject of an online photo series detailing her illustrious career. The text is all in Hungarian, but the pictures are dramatic and exciting in any language.
View the gallery here 


50 years of the red metro


It was 50 years ago that Budapest saw the building of the red metro, the No.2 line, still used today for travelling north-south through the city. To celebrate this anniversary, the Transport Museum has created an incredible photo collection of the planning, building and unveiling of its second metro line. Included in the online exhibition are historical photos of the metro’s construction, as well as maps, diagrams and other interesting details.

View the gallery here

Photo: József Rosta / Ludwig Museum

Tamás Waliczky: Imaginary Cameras


Innovative artist Tamás Waliczky was featured in the 2019 Hungarian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale with his animations, and his digitally designed, analogue fantasy cameras. Now his works have been taken online, and can be explored in the virtual gallery. Unfortunately the controls for moving through the gallery are a bit difficult to use with ease, but the content is in English and Hungarian.

View the gallery here 

Photo: Foundation For Africa

It all starts at home


In this exhibition uploaded on the artsteps platform, we learn the stories of women who have fought for the right to a decent home. These can be heard in the readings of Al Ghaoui Hesna, Andrea Balázs, Eszter Cseke, Kata Jaksity, Rebecca Kárpáti and Sena Dagadu. Women from all over the world have been forced into difficult living situations, either from climate change, war, misguided housing policies or other unfortunate circumstances. But they are joined by a common goal: to secure shelter, and make a decent home for themselves. Hungarian-only.

View the gallery here

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