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This is the dish you need to try when in Hungary – according to Atlas Obscura

If you agree that the best way to explore a foreign culture is through food, read on! Atlas Obscura has a perfect reason for you to visit Budapest.


Where to grab a bite in Budapest in the early hours?

We've got you covered with the go-to spots to ease those post-night-out munchies.


Top 8 Budapest street food for under HUF 2,500

When it comes to cheap meals, the ideal price limit is subjective. One thing is certain: if you are eating out, you can't avoid spending money, but you can be conscious if you know where to look. And we are here to point you in the right direction: our round-up features brilliant street food spots offering hearty meals for a maximum of HUF 2,500. The list might be easy on the wallet but heavy on carbs: we indulge in gyros, pizza, pelmeni, and mouthwatering desserts.

We are on the hunt for budget-friendly meals all around the city. Recently, we set the limit at HUF 2,000, but now we stretched further and looked at street food spots offering hearty meals for a maximum of HUF 2,500. We recommend specific dishes as not all items on the menu are subject to the price cut.


blue ag

Get gyros, souvlaki, and Biftek meat in your pita for under HUF 2,500. The city’s Blue Agori street food restaurants are Greek-tuned, with no random Turkish elements (which we also like by the way): the focus is on Hellenic flavours. The meat is always juicy, and every pita sandwich is topped with crispy fried potatoes, Saloniki style. Our special favourite is the souvlaki.


pizza manufak

Pizza Manufaktúra is an epic pizza spot. No matter where they move or open new units, we follow. We like their casual and relaxed atmosphere, and adore their simple and great pizza. They don’t claim to make pizzas of a particular style but are dedicated to making Italian masterpieces. Also, they never go overboard on prices. You can choose from the basic range and even get a soft drink for HUF 2,500! Go for the margit or the pasa!



Kaiserschmarrn (lightly sweetened pancake crumbs) is a huge favourite of ours, reminding us of childhood with its smell, texture, and taste. This Újbuda spot specialises in this delicacy in several styles: the Austrian version is more pancake-like, while the Hungarian comes in crumbs. There is a variety of delicious jams to pick, then you can also add raisins, and on Wednesdays, gluten-free options are available. If you order a schmarrn and a cup of soup, you will just about stay within your budget. Plus, you get sweet and savoury tastes, as well.



Lamb and chicken shawarma are available for well under HUF 2,500, but main courses with meat are more expensive. The good news is that if you go for the Falafel Plate Dish, you will be covered from HUF 2,500. Laziza, near the famous shopping street Váci utca, delivers authentic Syrian flavours, always with fresh vegetables and great spices. The format also allows for a cultured, no-spill, no-fuss consumption*

*Laziza is currently closed for maintenance. Shawarmas are available at AL-AMIR restaurant at 19 Régi posta utca.


budapest bagel

Budapest Bägel was the first bagel shop in the city. They’ve been treating us to their baked rolls and dependable sandwiches with thousands of tried-and-tested flavour combinations for 10 years now. They have a unit in Pest and Buda, and the HUF 2,500 price limit covers most of the bagels, even our long-standing favourite, the duck liver pâté and pear creation. These sandwiches are suitable for a whole lunch, and those with smaller appetites might even consider packing them for takeaway.


101 Tigris

We recently tested the new project of Taiwanese restaurant 101Bistro, 101Tigris in the 13th district. You could call it an Asian canteen, but with a pretty cool design and implementation. Although their soups are priced higher, a nice portion of gyoza or the soy-roasted spring onion noodles are within the budget. It will be quick, tasty, and filling: these sandwiches are suitable for a whole lunch. Those with smaller appetites might even consider packing them for takeaway.


Hi Bing

We are returning guests at Hi Bing, near Kálvin tér, because their jianbing, a pocketful of goodness ready to be fried on a platter, is huge and filling. You can choose what you like; the simpler version rings up at under HUF 2,000, but if you spend a little more, you can get a nice extra for the Chinese pancakes. It’s definitely a good choice for lunch or dinner, and it certainly covers a main meal because it’s got some real substance to it!



Pelmania is a fairly new addition to the gastro hub which is Ráday utca. Speedy lunch and leisurely dinner await, and if you take a tip, order a bowl of beef pelmeni (Slavic stuffed pasta) with extra dill sour cream on the side. Make sure to try it first with plain butter instead of the tempting sour cream: the way it melts on the hot pelmeni is truly heavenly! While you’re at it, the varenyky is worth a try, also within the budget. We recommend the one with cabbage.


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