Pool, darts, foosball, and more recently beer pong – these are perhaps the most popular games to liven up a pub crawl. A night out can easily be built around these fun activities, with beer, wine, or any alcoholic drink complementing the otherwise strenuous exercise. You can find a foosball table in most spots, but we've collected places that offer almost everything you need.



In true nightclub fashion, the ever-popular Morrison's 2 is open from 6 pm to 6 am, Monday to Saturday, with free entry until 9 pm. There are 7 dance floors in total, with occasional karaoke nights. But what do you get if you are here for a game? Well, a good number of pool, foosball, and beer pong tables. As the name suggests, beer is a crucial part of the latter, so be careful not to get muscle fever the next day. (x)


Atlantis Bisztró & Biliárd

A few steps, or more precisely a beer pong throw away from the Vígszínház, Budapest's popular comedy theatre, you'll find this place at the top of Hegedűs Gyula utca, right on the corner. The sun never sets here, and guests are welcome every day between noon and midnight, except on Fridays and Saturdays when the pub sport doesn't stop until 2 am: they feature two pool rooms with a total of 7 tables, 3 darts, and 2 foosball tables.


ROOM Biliárd & Bisztró

Staying in the 13th district, let's walk along Hegedűs Gyula utca until Gogol utca, where we bump into this locally popular pool club. This place is also open seven days a week, from noon to midnight. Here, you can only and exclusively play pool at four Brunswick tables. There's also the option to play in privacy, with a VIP table in the private pool room for hire for the real cue champions.


Füge Udvar

Open every day from 4 pm to 4 am, the 1,200-square-metre Füge Udvar is free to enter, with concerts on Thursday and Friday nights and two free long drinks for members of the fair sex every Thursday. But the main attraction of the place is the giant maze of games. The range is more than plentiful: pool, ping-pong, air hockey, foosball, pinball, darts, boxing, dancing, and guitar machines await guests. (x)


Íjász Söröző És Pizzéria

The beer bar/pizzeria/cocktail bar/pub sports club is a true legend, located at Nyugati Railway Station, at the beginning of Váci út. It was not simply famous but had a certain reputation, and any decent pub-goer in Budapest might have been here at least once. Pool and foosball are staples here, but you can also play darts, and they used to feature a poker table, not to mention archery.


Black Pool

Located in the livelier part of Ferencváros, near Kálvin tér in downtown Budapest, this spot has also long been a favourite with pub sports fans. Two types of games can be played here without any restrictions: pool and darts, with 4 tables for the former and 3 boards for the latter. With friendly vibes, the place is easily and quickly accessible from anywhere and has a youthful student crowd due to its proximity to college dormitories.



If there's a darting mecca in downtown Budapest, this spot in the 6th district is it. The still-young sports pub only opened in 2021. A total of 16 professional darts courts in several rooms await fans of the pub sport, and there's even a foosball table for relaxation. You can do all this from noon to midnight every day except Sunday and a little longer on weekends. In good weather, you can also sit on the terrace, and if you want to watch the game with something good to drink, you are welcome to do so.


Titkos Darts Club

The other darting mecca is located in the 13th district, in a basement at the junction of Váci út and Katona József utca, which you can walk past without even noticing – hence the name ('titkos' meaning 'secret'). The long hall is lined with plenty of dartboards, but if you'd rather play pool, there are a few tables, too. Darts come first, though!


Stifler House

Open every day, the party starts here at 5 pm and doesn't stop until 6 am. There's no entry fee, but there are 3 dance floors with various music, a giant LED wall for watching the game, several TVs, and private booths. However, we're here for the pub sports, and luckily, there are plenty of opportunities: a total of 10 tables in the pool room, and you can also play pinball and foosball. (x)


Noiret Billiards & Darts Saloon Pub and Cocktail Bar

This place in the 6th district is another old favourite. They're open every day from 10 am to 4 am, except on Sundays, when they're only open until 2 am. There are also plenty of pool tables and dartboards, and even a few foosball tables. To sum up, party for 2 or 20, the motto is pub sports!