Budapest has spoilt city dwellers and visitors with Indian summer, and even more sunshine is on the cards in the coming weeks. With the leaves slowly turning colourful and golden-yellow light being cast over the city, this might be the best time for a little sightseeing. We have put together the perfect one-day tour for the autumn, including a museum, delicious food, a bit of nature in Buda, and stunning views in Pest.


Fuel up with healthy energy at Greenhabit

You'll need some energy for your urban walk, so fuel up at Greenhabit! Working with real ingredients, seasonal veggies, and exciting protein toppings, autumn brings even more delicious flavours and habits from morning to night. Don’t let the word ‘green’ fool you, this is not just a vegan salad bar. It’s also a haven for hot bowls, sumptuous plates, and heavenly meat toppings that you can mix and match to your heart’s delight. And the oven-baked sweet potato gluten-free flatbread is the perfect choice for guilt-free comfort food in colder weather. Even if you’re heading out in the morning, Greenhabit is a good choice for a great breakfast, with crowd-pleasers like the oatmeal pancake taco with salt or homemade peanut butter. And on Sundays, you can also find a fun pop-up market.


Wander among thousands of programmes on Bartók Béla út

After filling up on delicious snacks, continue the tour with some culture! It’s not just the Art Nouveau villas on Mányoki and Ménesi út that are worth seeing if you’re in the area. If you’re looking for a truly vibrant cultural scene, unique shops with nice offerings, and helpful shopkeepers, take a stroll along Bartók Béla út. Soak up the window displays and stop by a few places to browse – we’ve already given you a brief taste of what to see in this article.


Head up to Gellért Hill for the view

Although the Citadel is still closed, the autumn colours of Gellért Hill and the stunning Pest panorama are worth some sweating on the steps leading up. The changing colours of the leaves and the romantic trails make it feel like you're back in the countryside on a beautiful autumn day. Make your way to the Philosophers' Garden, snap loads of photos of the view, and then descend on the Elizabeth Bridge side of the hill. Grab a coffee and some yummy pancakes at Zileat, you deserve it!


A journey to the past at Virág Benedek Ház

From here, you can either head directly to the Castle District and explore the National Gallery or try something different and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the old Tabán. There are only a few places where you can still discover the winding streets and taverns of bygone days: one of them is Aranyszarvas Restaurant, and the other one is the Virág Benedek Ház. The quiet inner garden of the latter is a proper time-travel experience, and you can also stop by for events such as a calligraphy workshop or a folk festival.


Lunchtime: Follow the secret steps of the Castle

If you are not already there, now it is time to venture all the way up to the Castle for lunch. Pick any of the amazing gastro spots we have listed here, and you will be treated to impeccable Hungarian dishes. There are several paths leading up: you can pass Ybl tér and stroll up the romantic Várkert Bazár or go more local and opt for one of the secret stairways around the Castle. Either way, don’t forget to take a break and admire the view. But back to lunch: try goulash soupHortobágy chicken pancake, Wiener schnitzel, Chicken paprikash or Veal stew, and Gundel pancake or Somlói for dessert. 


Take the funicular down to the Tunnel

Throw in a truly touristy attraction and, after an adventure through the secret gardens (such as the Turkish Garden next to the Stöckl Stairs) and doors of the Castle, opt for the Castle Hill Funicular and the panoramic views of Pest! Margit and Gellért, the faithful old trains, will take you down to Clark Adam tér in two minutes.


Walk across the Chain Bridge

If you haven’t yet walked across the renewed Chain Bridge, it’s hight time to do so. The bridge was fully completed in early August and has since been taken over by cyclists and pedestrians. This tranquil, car-free location gives a truly unique perspective of the city, standing above the river and taking in the sounds of the city in a different way, not to mention the magnificent buildings.


Admire the panoramic view from the Liz and Chain Sky Lounge

At the end of the walk, surprise yourself with a few hours of high life at the Liz and Chain Sky Lounge! Thanks to the indoor/outdoor bar at the top of the Marriott Hotel, you can enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree panorama from Wednesday to Sunday, all year round. In the splendid evening light, you can admire the stops of the walk you left behind, the Castle, the Gellért Hill, and the Danube. Treat yourself to a light dinner, and add a little Dolce Vita to your day with a G&T. On Sunday afternoons, you can even enjoy a girly treat with cookies and bubblies.