10+1 gastro spots in the Buda Castle you need to try


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19/04/2023 5.19pm

Whether you live in Budapest as an expat or are on a well-deserved holiday, you can't miss out on Buda Castle. That is particularly true in the spring when the Tóth Árpád promenade is bursting with cherry blossom. You can stroll along pink flowers there or soak in the greenery in Tabán. You can take a trip back in time through the romantic staircases and tidy gardens of the Várkert Bazár. And if you go higher up, you'll find wonderful old buildings, secret gardens, and exhibitions at the National Gallery. Whichever experience you choose from the colourful cavalcade, you’re sure to get hungry. So here we are, recommending great places to eat and drink.

Photo: Pierrot

Pierrot Cafe Restaurant


1014 Budapest, Fortuna utca 14.

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Pierrot is a casual, elegant, sophisticated, and inclusive restaurant. Here, you can indulge in a new level of classic Hungarian cuisine within 13th-century walls. The dishes are prepared with premium ingredients in a true bourgeois European style, while the cosy interior and pretty garden provide a romantic atmosphere. The Zsidai Group’s first restaurant opened in 1982 as Budapest’s first privately owned café and has hosted many celebrities since then. Pierrot has undergone numerous changes in the past decades, but the special, quality flavours and bourgeois elegance seem to be eternal. And the back garden is a true miracle!

More details here and here.

Photo: 21 A Magyar Vendéglő

21 Magyar Vendéglő


1014 Budapest, Fortuna utca 21.

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The world of Sindbad (a novel by Hungarian writer Gyula Krúdy) is evoked at 21 Magyar Vendéglő (21 Restaurant), where not only the dishes represent the lighter side of traditional Hungarian cuisine and hospitality but also the casual, cosy atmosphere. At 21, the day starts early at the market so that the dishes can be prepared with the finest ingredients. Explore Hungarian flavours in a special way, in a slightly different form. The often-changing wine list features only local items that represent unique flavours, so you will also find some real specialities. The clichés of the typical 'Hungarian restaurant' are abandoned at 21. Rather, it is a place where even Budapest citizens have a nice time with light dishes. And its large, sunny terrace offers a magnificent view of the National Archives of Hungary building. (x)

More details here and here.

Photo: Jamie's Italian Budapest

Jamie's Italian Budapest


1014 Budapest, Szentháromság utca 9-11.

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There’s always room for a good pizza or pasta in the city, especially when the traditional Italian dishes come with a Jamie Oliver twist. And the spacious, bright spaces and terrace overlooking the Matthias Church add a modern, laid-back Mediterranean feel to the setting. Delicious starters, pizzas, pasta, salads, primi and secondi dishes typical of Italian cuisine are prepared using Jamie’s recipes. You can wash them down in style with local or Italian wines, craft beers, and Jamie’s special cocktails. This restaurant is not just for a romantic dinner or lunch, Jamie’s is also the perfect choice for company parties and celebrations

More details here and here.

Photo: Rockstar Photographers - We Love Budapest

Baltazár Budapest


1014 Budapest, Országház utca 31.

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We recently visited the newly reopened Baltazár, which has always been the most rebellious 'child' of the Zsidai Gastronomy Group. For a long time after the post-pandemic closures, we could only enjoy the friendly, genuine atmosphere of the hotel. However, the newly opened restaurant now welcomes everyone for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a nibble. With a straightforward menu, a Josper charcoal oven, consistently high-quality ingredients, a friendly atmosphere, and seriously respectable meats, this is a lovely restaurant where you can have a good time any time of the day. 

More details here and here.

Photo: Pest-Buda Bistro

Pest-Buda Bistro & Hotel


1014 Budapest, Fortuna utca 3

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The oldest Hungarian hotel opened its doors in 1696 and was completely renovated in 2016. In its restaurant and cosy terrace, past and present blend perfectly. The Zsidai family restaurant brings to life the flavours of meals made by Hungarian grandmothers, using the finest ingredients, proving that home-style Hungarian cuisine can be modern. Beef stew, homemade duck liver pathé, and chicken paprikash are among the most popular dishes, but the breaded selection is also a favourite with locals and tourists alike. (x)

More details here and here.

Photo: We Love Budapest

4minutes cafe


1014 Budapest, Országház utca 15.


4minutes cafe (4perc és kávé) is our favourite small café in the Castle. Here, high quality is combined with sophisticated details. You can have your coffee to go, but we prefer to have it on the spot and enjoy the beautiful ceramics it’s served in. The place is fully vegan, so you’ll automatically get Oatly milk with your black coffee and can also enjoy some amazing vegan cakes and bonbons.

More details here.

Photo: Rockstar Photographers - We Love Budapest

Aranybástya Restaurant


1015 Budapest, Csónak utca 1.


Since its opening in 2021, the Aranybástya has been bringing us some living history and one of the most beautiful views of the Buda Castle. The former Turkish fortification and the Lónyay-Hatvany villa built in its place have long awaited better times, which have now fortunately arrived. The restaurant features a modern interior and simple, fit-for-all bistro cuisine. The food is made of excellent ingredients and 21st-century techniques. 

More details here and here.

Photo: Várkapitányság Nonprofit Zrt.

Royal Guard and Riding Hall (Főőrség Palace)


1014 Budapest, Hunyadi-udvar


The reconstruction of the building designed by Alajos Hauszmann for the Hungarian Royal Guard in the Castle was completed by 2020. The red and gold interior, reminiscent of the Hussars’ uniforms, houses an exhibition, a café, and an event space. The other side of the building offers a magnificent view of the Tabán. The menu is on the lighter side, with Hungarian classics and an emphasis on high-quality local ingredients. 

More details here and here.

Photo: Hirling Bálint - We Love Budapest

White Raven Skybar & Lounge


1014 Budapest, Hess András tér 1–3.


You rarely get the chance to observe the Zsolnay tiling of Matthias Church as closely as you can here. The good news is that there are only a few days left to enjoy this experience again, as the White Raven Skybar & Lounge reopens on April 27th. That means the high life is about to kick off, and you can admire the breathtaking views with a cocktail very soon.

More details here and here.

Photo: Rockstar Photographers - We Love Budapest

Ramazuri Bistronomy


1014 Budapest, Úri utca 30.


Ramazuri invites you to an exciting gastronomic adventure in the heart of the Castle. The owners of this hip and refined restaurant avoid pigeonholes and emphasise diversity, which makes it so well suited to visitors. It’s a perfect place for tourists to drop in for a coffee but works for a more substantial business lunch too. And the specialities, prepared with modern technology and seasonal ingredients, are sure to please everyone.

More details here and here.

Photo: Medgyesi Milán - We Love Budapest

Monkey Restaurant


1013 Budapest, Ybl Miklós tér 4.


Walking up the steps of the Várkert Bazár, you can enjoy a fantastic view, surrounded by the magnificent setting and centuries of history. Once, it was a place for youngsters to go to concerts (Ifipark), but now, you can relax in a cosmopolitan atmosphere with delicious cocktails and bistro delights.

More details here and here.

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