This year’s festival season will last until the end of September. And at the same time, the club season is also kicking off, bringing venues that usually hibernate in the summer back into action. Banging concerts are scheduled, and to help you pick, we have screened the remarkable line-up and highlighted ten of them. In case you were wondering where to go this autumn.


Jazzbois x Kaláka (HU)

This special Hungarian concert is the most unexpected collaboration of the year. Today’s hottest hip-hop/jazz fusion, Jazzbois, will take the stage with the great veterans of Hungarian folk music, Kaláka. The collaboration promises to be an exciting adventure in itself, but the live concert brings the real magic. The two bands met last November and have been rehearsing ever since, so you can enjoy a unique show on the riverside: the venue is the open-air Öböl Amfiteátrum at the Kopaszi-gát.

  • Where: BudaPart – Kopaszi-gát – Öböl Amfiteátrum
  • When: 9 September 8:00 pm
  • Ticket price: HUF 4,500–6,000
  • Tickets: here


She Past Away

Turkish post-punk, gothic rock, and dark synthpop are as rare as the legendary blue moon, but She Past Away has it all. Formed in 2006 in Bursa, the band has been going strong ever since, releasing three albums and one remix album. Turkish bands have been on a roll lately, so it’s no wonder they’re getting more attention, and maybe that’s why they’re coming to us with their recent tour, playing at the A38 Ship with a similar band, Czech Body of Pain.

  • Where: A38 Ship
  • When: 20 September 7:30 pm
  • Ticket price: HUF 7,990–8,990
  • Ticketshere


Svaneborg Kardyb (DK)

The Danish band consists of a keyboard player and a drummer, bearing their names (Nikolaj Svaneborg and Jonas Kardyb). Although most people think of the Nordic countries as cold and icy, the music of Svaneborg Kardyb is rather embracing and warming. And yet their main source of inspiration is the North Sea and the wind blowing there. The duo’s music is simply beautiful, woven from jazz, electronica, and ambient. They recently gave a highly successful concert at the House of Music Hungary, which they will now repeat at the A38 Ship.

  • Where: A38 Ship
  • When: 22 September 7:30 pm
  • Ticket price: HUF 4,500–5,500
  • Tickets: here


She Wants Revenge (US)

Justin Warfield, 50 this year, has a distinctive voice. He originally came from a hip-hop background but got sucked into dark post-punk and psychedelia. His band, formed in 2004, is a fan of Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix, who even directed a music video for them. They rarely release records, the last one being over 10 years ago. Nevertheless, we’re looking forward to seeing them again, as their concert at Dürer will not be their first in Hungary.

  • Where: Dürer Kert
  • When: 24 September 7:30 pm
  • Ticket price: HUF 8,600 
  • Tickets: here



Despite the name, IAMX is not a band but the British Chris Corner's solo project. The accompanying musicians are constantly changing, although there are some who have been with him from the beginning. His music is heavy, dark industrial, and electronic. He has released 13 albums to date, with the latest (Fault Lines¹) released in May. The new album called for a tour, making Budapest a stop. Corner and his supporting band are performing at A38 Ship.

  • Where: A38 Ship
  • When: 29 September 7:30 pm
  • Ticket price: HUF 10,200 – 12,500
  • Tickets: here


Costello and Nieve in Concert (UK)

Elvis Costello is a member of the singer-songwriter elite. He has been active since the second half of the 1970s and has worked with such stars as Count Basie, Paul McCartney, and Burt Bacharach. He already performed solo in Hungary in 2014, but now, he will be joined by his most faithful companion, keyboardist Steve Nieve. Nieve has been his partner for over forty-five years, and on 30 September, they are performing magnificent songs with enriched instrumentation.

  • Where: Müpa Budapest
  • When: 30 September 8:00 pm
  • Ticket price: HUF 4,900 – 21,900
  • Tickets: here 


Sisters Of Mercy (UK)

Gothic rock band Sisters Of Mercy, led by Andrew Eldritch, returns to Budapest after 6 years. The mysteriousness surrounding the band is enhanced by the fact they have consistently not released a single or a full-length album since the early 90s. Although, they have new songs in the pipeline, which you can only hear at their concerts. So that alone is reason enough to visit the Dürer Kert that day and listen to Sisters Of Mercy in the new grand hall.

  • Where: Dürer Kert
  • When: 11 October 7:00 pm
  • Ticket price: HUF 11,400
  • Tickets: here or on Ticketswap


50 Cent (US)

The legendary rapper 50 Cent is on a career-summing and -closing tour, which will include Budapest, too. The Final Lap Tour 2023, a world tour, will obviously feature all the main hits by Curtis ‘50 Cent’ Jackson, but to add a twist to the story, he’s bringing along a support act, another legend Busta Rhymes, to make it all the more justified to attend the rap event, which will be held at the massive Budapest Arena.

  • Where: Papp László Budapest Sportaréna
  • When: 18 October 8:00 pm
  • Ticket price: HUF 24,200 – 39,200 (VIP tickets: HUF 80,000 – 140,300)
  • Tickets: here


Deus (BE)

28 October is not the first time the Belgian indie rock band has come to Budapest. And what's for sure is that you can expect another stunning concert. The occasion is their eighth album, How to Replace It, released in February11 years after the last one. The new material feels like a continuation of where they left off in 2012. See for yourself live at the A38 Ship.

  • Where: A38 Ship
  • When: 28 October 8:00 pm
  • Ticket price: HUF 10,100 – 11,250
  • Tickets: here


King Krule (UK)

British guitarist-songwriter-singer Archy Ivan Marshall, aka King Krule, will present his fourth album Space Heavy, released in June, at the Main Hall of Akvárium Klub. Still only 28 years old, the musician made a name for himself as a teenager with his first singles and his unrivalled songwriting and instrumental skills. His career has been on the rise ever since, without any major setbacks. He’s the kind of artist you should see once in a lifetime – if you’re looking for a unique musical experience.

  • Where: Akvárium Klub
  • When: 30 October 7:00 pm
  • Ticket price: HUF 9,500 – 16,990
  • Tickets: here