Lazy mornings with even lazier breakfasts stretched until the afternoon are the top form of hedonism. So we say, leave the bustle of the city behind, and let other city-dwellers rush from one place to the other, wolfing down flat pastries on the go, and take your time to sit down. We have rounded up 13 splendid restaurants where you can indulge in flavours while sipping a glass of champagne to make sure your everyday troubles are long-forgotten for the day. Feasting on brunch paired with a bubbly should be part of every holiday, but it can also add pizzazz to any gloomy weekend or weekday.



Entering Baba, one of the newbies on Sas Street, close to St Stephen’s Basilica, you can feel right at home at any time of the day, and mornings are no different. On summer days, the portals are wide open letting the breeze and sunlight brighten up the space. So one enjoys the bustle of the city and the pleasant ambiance of the restaurant at the same time. In winter, you can observe the awakening city, surrounded by a jungle-like greenery. The star of the breakfast menu is the Eggs Benedict, which easily sweeps anyone off their feet with wonderful colours and a creamy texture. Surely you can go with the big classics, but if you listen to us, you try sweet Rosa. This dish is incredibly refreshing in looks and tastes alike, combining Turkish Honey, feta, slow-roasted strawberry, sweetbread and vanilla cream. Swap the obvious choice of coffee for a glass of champagne, Italian or Hungarian sparkling wine, or Mimosa - and there you have a morning brilliantly spent.


Sophisto Champagne Bar

There are few better ways to start the day than admiring the stunning building of St Stephen’s Basilica with a glass of champagne in hand. That is exactly what you will be doing if you visit Sophisto for a bubbly brunch. Apart from the breathtaking view, the place boasts a large assortment of bubbly drinks: Prosecco, champagne, cava, sparkling wine, and matching brunch menu. The interior is extremely elegant, having champagne colour and bottle green dominating the space, all along with a special drinks cooler right in the centre. Vintage premium champagnes and magnum bottles are also included in the special offer, which can be paired with Eggs Benedict, served with a homemade buttery muffin, or Croque Monsieur, with a rustic appearance hiding excellent flavors.



This laidback, cosy, and atmospheric breakfast spot in the Jewish district’s Akácfa Street is one for locals and foreigners alike. Kaptafa is a real urban meeting place, coming with pleasant tunes in the background and mouthwatering signature dishes you will not find elsewhere. We mean deep-fried pickle or juicy sandwiches in molnárka (soft and sweetish, oval-shaped bun), which can be savoured on the secluded gallery or at one of the tables downstairs. You can toast with a Mimosa, but they won’t raise an eyebrow if you order Aperol Spritz instead.


Centrál Grand Café

This gorgeous turn-of-the-century café, which also happens to be the oldest in Budapest, reopened last spring after being shut for 2 years. But the wait was worth it: now an illuminated interior awaits with Parisian chic, literary references, and a promising menu including traditional dishes with a modern, French twist. The atmosphere of Parisian grand cafés is also recalled by the champagne bar in one wing of the café. You can pair anything from the bar with traditional delicacies, such as cabbage cvekedli (Hungarian noodles), but make sure to try the smoked salmon tartare or the oven-baked goat cheese conchiglie served with Provençal ragout too.


VIlla Bag

One of the great virtues of Villa Bagatelle is that it evokes an upper-class milieu while ensuring a modern and friendly atmosphere. The villa is surrounded by a neat garden and presents a slightly bohemian but all-at-once elegant interior. On chilly winter days, we picture abundant avocado and salmon-involved breakfasts laid out on one of the window-side tables in the conservatory, accompanied by a glass of Prosecco, of course.


InterContinental Corso Bar & Restaurant

Both restaurants at InterContinental hotel, Corso Bar & Restaurant, and ARZ Lebanese Restaurant, take the festive season seriously. Nothing proves it better than the Advent-themed brunch, available every weekend until Christmas. Treating their guests to a top-notch start of the day and spreading brunch culture among city-dwellers are two of their missions. They offer buffet-style brunches, spoiling guests with an array of options, from fresh pastries to Beef Wellington. The best thing is that you don’t need to set an alarm to join the festive feasts: the brunch starts at 12:30 pm and ends at 3:30 pm, giving plenty of time to indulge in the generous selection. What’s more, you can join their Christmas brunch on December 25th, where Lebanese and Hungarian dishes will reign. You can even start the New Year with a hearty brunch, complemented by live music. New Year’s resolutions always start on Mondays anyway. (x)



Grumpy might be crabby in its name, but in reality, you will be welcomed by smiling faces, warm hospitality and, of course, a bubbly brunch. The place is a real stamping ground, which attracts crowds purely with its existence - and then we haven’t even started on the breakfast. First, you can do brunch all day long. Second, you can cherry-pick among dishes such as For Big Boys (not for the faint hearted) or a lighter Buddha bowl, and sunny side up with pesto. Third, you can pair any of them with a Mimosa or champagne with strawberry. Bear in mind that they are closed on Tuesdays.


Matild Café & Cabaret

Matild Café boasts magnificent festive decorations, including a stunning Christmas tree, which will instantly transport you to the settings of your favourite Christmas films. Having brunch in this atmosphere, in one of the most impressive buildings of Budapest, is truly magical. Festive brunches are available on December 25th and January 1st (between 12 pm and 4 pm), where you can also expect homemade punch and mulled wine for adults, waffles, hot chocolate, and fun activities for children. All this comes with live music, unlimited refreshments, juices, house wines, and sparkling wines.



Franziska’s story started in Buda (with an adorable café close to Batthyány Square) and spread all the way to the 7th district in Pest. At either location, you are in for a hedonist experience and a flavoursome but healthy feast, any day of the week. English breakfast and other heavy, meaty meals might not be on the menu, but smoothies and granola bowls are - presented in a way that will urge you to take a picture instantly. Sweet and savoury dishes are both available, along with a pretty interior - making it a favorite spot for girlfriends to meet up.


Buja d

Buja means lustful, Disznó means pig - and putting the two together, you are in for a unique brunch experience. Located on the Fény utca Market, Buda Disznó(k) has a very different take on brunch than Franziska. What you will find here are funky pork dishes such as gigantic Weiner Snitzels or deep-fried mangalitza ear, which you can wash down with a glass of champagne. Chef Lajos Bíró will also surprise you with unexpected treats such as ramen variations. Open between 11 am and 9 pm on Saturdays, you can even opt for oysters combined with champagne - making the shopping spree at the market a proper gastronomic joy.



Located on the Main Street of Buda (Fő utca), Moszkva TéЯ offers a cuisine based on Russian-Ukrainian-Georgian inspirations. The flavors are familiar and speak directly to the heart, but we rarely come across them in Hungary, even though they are fresh, sweet, and light. They have just launched the “festive table” for December, which is based on the sharing concept and can be booked for a minimum of two people. Heavenly dishes such as blini with salmon caviar, boletus julienne, piroshky stuffed with meat, pelmeni, Beef Stroganoff, or medavik with honey are served. In addition to the bubbles, you can also enjoy a cup of tea made in a samovar.


ritz ca

Festivities, luxury, Ritz! The elegant hotel at Deák Ferenc Sqaure invites you to indulge in a generous brunch under the magnificent glass dome of the Kupola Lounge. Every Sunday until Christmas, the highest quality dishes are being served to everyone looking to slow down in a festive atmosphere. There is an abundant selection of sea fish, and fresh oysters are laid out on the ice - waiting to be paired with a glass of champagne. Á la carte, you can choose from foie gras, burrata, wagyu beef, eggs benedictBelgian waffles, and other holiday-themed delicacies. There is also live music, and children can join a workshop at 12:30 pm since they are also important guests at the Ritz. At the end of the brunch, the famous cakes of István Mázas will be presented as an "Art Of Cake" offer. It would be a shame to miss the Opera or the Royal Chocolate cake, but the seasonal bejgli (Hungarian walnut and poppyseed roll), and the festive tree trunk Buche de Noel are also on offer. The brunches will continue on December 25th and January 1st. (x)



Everyone has a building crush. For us, it is one of the narrowest houses in Budapest, near Tabán. Zileat, a lively, vibrant café and bistro, is located right there, but it is not only the building that brings us back from time to time. They have a democratic brunch selection, which gives anyone a good reason to start the day here. Hearty dishes and light snacks are both available: in addition to old favourites, such as the Pulled Pork Sandwich, the Miniburger trio, and the Dreamy-Crepes, a pancake dessert with vanilla cream and cottage cheese, we can also enjoy exciting new options. For example, the Brekky Avo Pancake (American pancake with avocado) and Mrs. Beetroot (beetroot risotto with goat cheese). You can wash all of it down in style: with a Mimosa, Bellini, Rossini, or Frozen Margaritas, but there is also no shortage of excellent champagnes. (x)