Before you know it, there will be Christmas parties, seasonal gatherings and works dos. Here are a few ideas for where to book, whether it’s a meal, drinks or something a bit different. Be aware that many places have complete packages and all-in-one solutions rather than you having to negotiate a price per head. Atmosphere and capacity are not the only watchwords here, but flexibility, too.


360 BAR

We recommend the bubble lodges on the 360 panoramic rooftop bar on Andrássy út for smaller groups and firms. The separated igloos can accommodate up to ten people at a time, and meals and drinks are also provided in the cosy spaces above the city. You can nip out at any time to admire the panorama, a source of endless fascination. Or come up here with a deck of cards or board game and friends, if you’d like jazz up the celebrations with a game or two.


FELIX Kitchen & Bar

The luxury category here is represented by FELIX, which brings gastronomy and the arts closer together with its latest AQVA hall, which opened in November. With the help of a showcase kitchen and the concept of a chef’s table, you can experience the formation of special and exclusive ingredients up close, and observe the creative processes. FELIX’s outstanding wine selection is organically linked to high gastronomy, with items only available here. In addition to the food-wine pairings, Black Swan LAB cocktails are also worth a try if you’re invited for a gourmet Christmas meal.


Larus Étterem

At this imposing restaurant and events centre, nothing is impossible and the catering is painstakingly put together, even with sustainable, zero-waste solutions, if required. They host sit-down dinners and company parties for up to 340 people, which are customised, whether it’s a national cuisine, street food, an oyster bar, wine and beer tasting, and other extras. For example, if you hold the event in your office, you can also take advantage of the Larus three-course Christmas boxes and move away from the standard sandwich/pizza model.



You go to MADHOUSE to eat, drink and socialise, the ideal place for a corporate Christmas gathering. You can imagine Norbert Piszkor’s adorable cuisine being suitable for any occasion, just as the selection of drinks and beers won’t disappoint, either. It’s a real pleasure to linger at their long tables until dawn, so it’s recommended for an extended night of chatter and present exchanges. Loose and relaxed, this lovely gastropub on downtown Anker köz allows everyone to have a good time.


Mazel Tov

Mazel Tov on Akácfa utca could compete for the title of cosiest courtyard in town, where guests can recharge all year round whatever the weather outside. This is also true for any December chill. Here, in the ambience of a garden party and a desert tent rather than an igloo, you’re in the best place to celebrate the end of the annual grind with flavours from the Middle East. There is no shortage of private rooms, and due to the series of meze, you can find hundreds of flavours instead of a single menu.


Robinson Étterem

Robinson in City Park has been a popular, well-established and extremely professional events venue for decades – but this floating restaurant can host corporate dinners and dos as well as lively weddings. They are also open to individual solutions, whether it’s different menu themes, decorations or any other special ideas. And the panorama cannot fail to be enchanting – what’s not to love about the lights of the ice rink and Vajdahunyad Castle in winter?


Stand25 Bisztró

Szabina Szulló and Tamás Széll’s pleasure kitchen in Buda is a good choice all year round, for lunch and weekends, and whenever you’re looking for hospitality and flavours at their most professional. Whether it’s cordon bleu cuisine, pork-knuckle stew, venison Stroganov or the iconic Somló and cottage-cheese dumplings, it’s always a joy to eat with here. They can also host up to 14 people in their private room, which is completely separate from the main hall, but they also welcome semi-private events, at larger tables.



Tereza evokes a Mexican hacienda, the liveliest backdrop for letting off steam at the year’s end. While the appetisers are shareable, the tacos, quesadillas, fajitas, chili con carne, burrito bowls and other house specialities are for individuals to tackle. They are very strong in mezcal, tequila and various South-American cocktail specials, and even make a litre of frozen margarita for a smaller or larger team. Tereza is spacious enough to mingle with others, but more intimate dinners and gatherings are also possible.



Central, experimental and very, very green. the Twentysix Garden on Király utca rivals a botanical garden, and can even compared to plant-filled Atocha station in Madrid. If you’re breaking out of the classic restaurant setting, imagining dinner and subsequent cocktails in cosmopolitan surroundings, we recommend this oasis. Their 26 House function room and apartment studio are also ideal for private dinners and celebrations, accessible via the Garden. They can help to see your unique idea through to fruition, even a cooking show in the stylish space.



The legendary party boat has already held scores of corporate events, conferences, receptions, gala dinners, birthdays and weddings, as well as prominent concerts, of course. Their catering solutions and dinner options can be perused, so it is worth stopping by in good time so you and your colleagues can gaze at the city from the Danube in the run-up to Christmas.



After the summer boat season, the new BRKLYN has relocated to Up Hotel Budapest, where it awaits with the atmosphere and mood of a supper club. In their words, this means that they offer more than a standard music club, as gastronomy and bar culture are also important cornerstones. They are happy to organise parties and festive dinners for smaller and larger companies, perhaps with a unique concept or two.



As a member of the 4Bro team, the flirtatious MADAM, aka the Urban Music Hall, has recently been welcomed into this family of Budapest venues. In the same building as the Electrotechnical Museum on Kazinczy utca, big parties with different musical styles are often staged, but a private event can also be hosted at MADAM. Joining one of their themed nights after dinner and drinking is also a great idea. There will be no shortage of cocktails and champagne, plus a professional sound system.


Cyberjump trambulin park

At this trampoline park in Buda, children and grown-ups can all wind down a bit. Although at first you might assume that it's worth going there just for play, you can also burn off some calories using the sponge-filled pools and airbags. Group bookings start from ten people and the total capacity of the park is 140. You can also opt for an extra package, in which case catering is also provided for two hours of jumping.


Korda Filmpark

If you feel like trying something different than the usual dinner parties and your colleagues love cinema, it’s worth going down to Etyek, outside Budapest. There, at the Korda Film Park, you can choose from several team-building activities. Guided tours of the history of film production, film building (making your own short film with 15 people) and a detective game, just to mention a few. Visiting all the venues of the world-class film-making centre is a unique experience and can make for a memorable corporate Christmas night.


MAG47 Climb&Cafe

This former grain store in Kőbánya could not have been rebuilt more creatively. Now it hosts the largest climbing centre in Hungary on the site of the Globus Cannery. It can be quite an unusual end of the year to choose an activity that requires communal movement, a high degree of trust and recklessness instead of a dining and drinking with colleagues. Climbing together has the power to promote team spirit.


Schrödinger Macskája Pub

This bar on Kertész utca has come up with a new idea for Christmas, a great option if you want to hold your party online. They host an online premium gin-tasting on 25 December with eight varieties of gin, plus the tonics and spices that come with them. The event takes two or three hours and you can also learn a lot about gins and discover your own taste. Plus, they’re adding a 15% discount coupon so you can hopefully toast each other in person at the pub in January.