On Saturday, the Danube's water level surged to its peak, stretching the riverbed to its limits in downtown Budapest. Our photographers at We Love Budapest captured the fascinating yet eerie scenes. Take a look!

As we also reported, the Danube was expected to flood its banks over the weekend. Water levels peaked on Saturday, rising to an alarming 648 centimetres before gradually receding by 7 centimetres by Sunday. Rain seems to stick around for another couple of days, making the Danube swell even more, especially in Germany and Austria. It will highly affect the Budapest section of the river, slowing down and even reversing the ebbing, meaning the water level can reach the embankment once again in the coming week.

Our photographers at We Love Budapest ventured into the heart of the action, capturing the equally breathtaking and ominous scenes at the downtown riverbanks. Venturing further to Népsziget, they snapped even more photos of the escalating water levels. The island was affected even more, making it impossible to enjoy the otherwise inviting shore. 

(Cover photo: Ladóczki Balázs - We Love Budapest)