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Budapest’s best secondhand clothes shops

Buying secondhand not only shows a commitment to sustainability and ethical fashion, but it can be cool, too, picking out high-quality, natural-looking clothes with a backstory. Here are our favourite places in Budapest to browse for old togs, with a sliding scale on price. 1/5 is silly cheap, 5/5 means break out a few extra forints. Note that some shops sell clothes by the kilo – just pile the items into your basket and have the cashier weigh them at the end.


Antifactory Vintage Shop

With the huge neon sign and the unusual music inside, you sense a little steampunk coming into the equation. The clothes are not cheap cheap, but in return, you can find absolutely unique pieces, with Instagram-friendly outfits portrayed on their online platforms. Price range: 4/5. Facebook. Instagram


Cream, Háda & chains

These clothing giants can be found all of over town. You can buy modern items by well-known brands at really good prices. Most of the pieces are nothing amazing, but perfect if you are looking for trendy, more sustainable items. Do pay close attention to quality, as products from fast-fashion chains can wear quickly with age. Cream. Háda


Csóra Cipő

Present on the market for over 20 years with its selection of high-quality used shoes and bags, Csóra Cipő stocks almost completely new or recently passé fashion on Margit körút, where you can also find Grisport hiking boots and items by Nike, Geox, Högl, adidas and Tamaris. From time to time, there are also discounts and promotions. Price range: 3/5. Facebook


Ever After

Downstairs in this shop on Kazinczy utca, you can find high-quality, neat items such as sweaters, coats and accessories. The atmosphere of the store is welcoming they are always happy to help you find the outfit that suits you best. Price range: 2/5. Facebook. Instagram



Outfits in punk, rock and Goa styles are displayed here in a psychedelic setting. Csaba Igar (Gigi), the owner, with his blue punkish hairdo, is quite striking proof that this place has its own character, even in the growing range of secondhand and vintage clothes. And the price is not relevant because the real goal here is to make sure every piece goes to a satisfied owner who will love it. Facebook Price range: 3/5. Instagram



One of the best options for real Western-style boots or DMs, as the selection at Jajcica is excellent, and the point of these pieces would be that they are in and out of fashion. Anyway, Jajcica is a completely unclassifiable store that also serves alternative subculture, goths and punks, where anyone can find something to their liking. Price range: 3/5. Facebook. Instagram



This shop at the beginning of Dohány utca also stands out from the rest by the fact that many men and women who prefer loose, sportier dresses, streetwear and hip-hop gear can find a unisex items. Here you can choose secondhand clothes and accessories from brands such as Vans, adidas, Nike, Carhartt and Herschel. Price range: 4/5. Facebook. Instagram



In the shop of art historian, curator and feminist artist influencer Kata Oltai, you can boldly unleash your imagination and rethink what makes you feel good. In the words of Konfekció: “vintage, animal patterns, outsized, thin, Gypsy rose, motorcycle, original, fake Asian, statement and aimless clothes + accessories behind Rákóczi tér market”. Top notch. Price range: 2/5. Facebook. Instagram


LoveBug Vintage

This is the kind of place where you can find a denim jacket stitched with embroidered blessings for the home, combined with a Barbie-Freddie T-shirt channelling Queen’s I Want to Break Free video. If someone snatches it from under your nose, you can still peruse the unique, pre-owned pieces around the zigzag business space fashioned from a ground-floor flat. There’s even an online facility where you can track the previous owner’s adventurous foreign purchases, hinting at the free lifestyle which best suits the clothes. Price range: 3/5. FacebookInstagram


Ludovika VNTG Shop

Bridging genres, this shabby-chic outlet stocks original artefacts from the 1920s and 1930s objects, clothes and accessories, too. Here at Ludovika, you can choose among the beautiful and romantic pieces, lace, Aunt Hetty-style blouses, mid 20th-century tapestries or slightly older. Customers are greeted by the shop’s own spotty dog. Price range: 4/5. Facebook. Instagram



Maybe because it’s a cellar store, next to one of the best cocktail bars in Budapest, the ‘Dressing Room’ has the atmosphere that a group from the ’70s and ’80s has gathered all their party clothes and then left them in a heap here. And then someone found the collection started to sell them. You can find sunglasses, giant accessories, latex, leather and colours in all quantities. Price range: 3/5. Facebook


The Recycled Fashion Store

Although this outlet is not in the capital, you'll find it in nearby Szentendre. A pioneering store run by stylist Lilla Lendvai, it’s based on sustainability, fashion and style. Out-of-the-box clothes and accessories are waiting to be added to their new owner’s wardrobe. It’s possible to walk out with a few gems, but it’s very important to know that Lilla’s professional eye has run over the quality of every piece. And last but not least, it’s affordable. There are plenty of Hungarian designer pieces, vintage and retro stuff. The boutique is open on Fridays and Saturdays, as well as on the last Sunday of every month. You can also browse online on the webshop and on Instagram. Price range: 3/5Facebook. Instagram



This spacious store at Anker köz in the city centre is an indispensable big fish in the realm of used clothes. As you can choose vintage togs alongside the clothes and different upcycled pieces created by young home designers in the store and online, the items here are placed in a different context. The store also draws attention to the fact that secondhand shopping is great from the point of view of ethical fashion and sustainability, and if you just want to get hold of good-quality, unique wear made from ordinary materials at a decent price. Price range: 4/5Facebook. Instagram



Tünde, the owner, learned about this model of a secondhand clothing store in Sweden, which is based on recycling and ethical fashion. The essence of this clothes exchange is to bring in high-quality secondhand women’s and men’s outfits and accessories, which then are ranked according to quality. This process makes you a member, and you can buy from the stock for reduced prices within a certain limit. See our feature here


Szputnyik Shop/D20

Szputnyik is basically much more than a secondhand clothing store, it's one of the oldest and largest forums, offering all kinds of ideas for those who like to express themselves through their attire while keeping in mind ethical and slow-fashion perspectives. The bright interior contains everything from used and new shoes, jewellery, men’s and women’s clothing, to a variety of accessories. They also aim to show how new and old pieces can be combined, you can also choose from top domestic and foreign brands fresh out of the box. Price range: 3/5Facebook. Instagram


Typo Showroom

This wide selection of clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories are mainly for lovers of sporty streetwear and hip hop. In addition to secondhand items, you will also find many modern, brand-new artefacts. The shop offers as many clothes for women as men. Price range: 3/5. FacebookInstagram


Vintage Shop Práter

As we were about to enter, we overheard a young girl telling her friend how she had chosen her wedding dress here. Once inside, we found two more girls discussing this same story, with a very weird cap and an even stranger bag in their hands, while an old lady was just trying to bargain for a fur coat. So this store is a real treasure trove, where you can find stuff for any occasion, guaranteed to be unusual. And perhaps a story to go with it. Price range: 2/5. Facebook


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