With the kids now home for the holidays, you’re going to need to keep them entertained with certain pandemic restrictions still in place. Most of the attractions listed below are open to all, although some require adults to be carrying an Immunity Certificate.


Barka Állatsimogató

This small family farm on the fringes of Dunakeszi, just north of Budapest, is home to chickens, horses, rabbits, sheep, all kinds of four- and two-legged animals, in fact, and you can also peek into the daily life of the farm. Most of the creatures move around freely, and you can come into direct contact with them as soon as you enter. There is also a mini playground and a straw-bale jump on site. Admission is free for children under four, you can buy a zoo treats at the entrance. No Immunity Certificate required.

Barka Állatsimogató, 2120 Dunakeszi
Current opening hours: Sat-Sun 10am-5pm
Volánbusz 308 from Újpest-Városkapu to Dunakeszi Széchenyi utca (the last stop before Fót, 20min journey time), then 20min walk – or train from Rákospalota-Újpest to Dunakeszi (6min journey time), then taxi (approx 3km)


Budakeszi Wildlife Park

Budakeszi Wildlife Park is a popular and well-known destination, but if you haven't been there in the last couple of years, there have been quite a few changes. In addition to the interactive nature trail and games, playgrounds built by the Ilona Mill Workshop, the adventure park and the farmyard at the entrance, there were other new additions during the shutdown. Eight new animal runs and birdhouses were built, the forest-themed playground was expanded with additional elements, and a barefoot trail was also created. Together with the Dino Park next door, you can plan a whole day’s activities. Twilight visits are also planned on Friday evenings in July from 6pm, when you can tour the game park with a Hungarian-language guide. Immunity Certificates are required for over-18s.

Budakeszi Wildlife Park, 2092 Budakeszi
Current opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (Fri tours in July from 6pm), Sat-Sun 9am-6pm
Bus 22, 22A and 222 from Széll Kálmán tér to Szanatórium utca (Vadaspark), then a 15-20min signposted walk


Kertvárosi Tanyaudvar

Way up in Mátyásföld, near the HÉV rail stop of the same, the Kertvárosi Tanyaudvar established in 2019 is home to many farmyard animals, including goats, donkeys and birds. It is also worth taking a stroll in the shady, bird-friendly garden and the orchard named after life-long gardener György Bálint, who passed away in 2020 at the age of 101. Immunity Certificates are required for over-18s, masks not obligatory.

Kertvárosi Tanyaudvar, District XVI. Sarjú út 5
Current opening hours: Sat-Sun 10am-4pm
HÉV train from Örs vezér tere to Mátyásföld alsó


Pákozdi Pagony Vadaspark & Arborétum

This year, the Pákozd Arboretum in Sukoró will continue to operate under a new name but still offering the same services. Set on Mészeg Hill, on the northern fringes of Lake Velence, it’s just off the M7 motorway, 50km from Budapest. Big forest game can be observed in their natural environment: red deer, fallow deer, wild boar and mouflon. You will also find an interactive exhibition, a nine-stop forestry nature trail and a 15-metre lookout tower. This is an all-day destination, also ideal for groups of friends, with communal spaces, barbecue places and a forest playground. Immunity Certificates are required for over-18s.

Pákozdi Pagony Vadaspark & Arborétum, 8096 Sukoró
Current opening times: Daily 10am-7pm
Frequent train from Budapest Déli to Velence (journey time 40mins), then Volánbusz 707, 747, 748 or 749 to Pákozd, Honvéd Emlékmű (journey time 15mins), then 10min walk


Piczinke Póniudvar

At the Piczinke Pony Farm, little visitors can pet dwarf ponies, rabbits, dwarf piglets, goats and alpacas. In addition to the petting zoo, you will find a sandpit, a playground, and children can try out various vehicles. You can hold a birthday party here or organise summer camps and holiday-themed days. No Immunity Certificate required. All of this is close to Normafa, Budapest’s favourite hilly getaway, so you can even organise a full-day’s activities in the area with picnics, the Chairlift and the Children’s Railway.

Piczinke Póniudvar, District XII. Konkoly Thege Miklós út 20
Current opening hours: Wed-Sun 10am-6pm
Bus 21 from Széll Kálmán tér to Sötetvágás utca



You can meet many animals around the Pony Farm in Taksony. Llamas, alpacas, rheas, donkeys, dwarf pigs, rabbits, Dutch Landrace goats, Cameroonian goats, ducks, geese, hens, foxes, South American coatis, horses and, of course, Welsh and Shetland ponies await visitors. There is also a children’s playground and a pedal go-kart track. In addition, as a new service, there will be Hungarian-language puppet theatre. Immunity Certificate required for over-18s.

Pónifarm, 2335 Taksony, Forrás utca 6
Current opening times: Tue-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat-Sun 10am-6pm
Hourly train from Budapest Keleti to Taksony (35min journey time), then 15-20min walk


Pónikaland Minifarm

Lolka, Zita, Maya and Csillag are waiting for you at the mini farm on the edge of Veresegyház where, in addition to pony rides, you can also find birds, goats and sheep. Families are welcomed at weekends and bank holidays, at times posted on the social networking site. In addition to summer camps, they can also hold birthdays and pyjama parties. You reach the farm in front of Veresegyház Medveotthon, turning towards the petting zoo. No Immunity Certificate required.

Pónikaland Minifarm ​, ​2112 Veresegyház, Patak utca 48D
Current opening times: Tue & Thur 10am-5pm, Fir 10am-6pm, Sat 9am-6pm
Hourly train from Rákospalota-Újpest to Ivacs (30min journey time) theninfrequent Volánbusz 389/396 to Veresegyház, Medveotthon (journey time 4mins) or 20min walk


Seholsziget Élménypark/Alpaca Farm

From Budapest, ‘Nowhere Island’ is a whole day out, its main attraction being the alpaca farm which requires prior registration for a 45-minute guided visit (HUF 3,000, 5-15s HUF 2,000, under-5s free). Around the rest of the adventure park, you’ll first be greeted by Kokó the parrot, who wisely stays near the restaurant, overseeing the petting zoo, little train and wooden playgrounds which comprise the other attractions. No Immunity Certificate required.

Alpaca Farm, 2610 Nőtincs, Diófa út 41
Current opening hours: Sat-Sun 10am-5pm
Hourly Volánbusz 330 from Újpest Városkapu to Nőtincs, kasztely (1hr journey time), then 10-15min walk. Alternatively, regular train from Rákospalota-Újpest to Vác (30min journey time), then half-hourly buses to Nőtincs (40min journey time).


Szigethalmi Családi Vadaspark

This family-run attraction awaits visitors with a petting zoo, fishpond, pony rides, animal feeding, a retro and forest playground, and plenty of picnic opportunities. At the entrance, treats for the residents are available. When you’re here, be sure to try Hungary's smallest passenger railway. This year's novelty is the free-to-use skateboard track on the road from the car park. No Immunity Certificate required.

Szigethalmi Családi Vadaspark, 2316 Szigethalom, Rákóczi Ferenc utca 147
Current opening times: Tue-Sun 10am-5pm
Hourly HÉV train from Közvágóhíd to Szigetcsép (45min journey time), then 10min walk


Törökmezői Kis-Állatpark

This little zoo has been welcoming visitors since 2016 to Törökmező in the Börzsöny Hills, about 60km from Budapest. With nearly 120 creatures representing 35 species, colourful birds, Bennett’s tree-kangaroos, emus, llamas, you'll also find pony rides, feeding times and animal demonstrations. There’s an excellent adventure park on-site, with varying degrees of difficulty, and which can be used by three year olds an up. By the tourist lodge, there are hiking trails, so the trip can be extended to a full day. The restaurant serves hot and cold dishes. Immunity Certificates required for over-18s in the adventure park.

Törökmezői Kis-Állatpark
, 2626 Nagymaros, off Törökmezei út
Current opening times: Daily 10am-6pm
Train from Rákospalota-Újpest to Kismaros (journey time 30mins), then hourly Volánbusz 350/351 to Törökmezei turistaház bej út (journey time 10mins), then 20min walk downhill on Törökmezei út