For years, Budapest residents have longed for the return of the area behind tram and bus stops at Deák Ferenc tér. This space, previously reserved for City Hall vehicles, is finally being transformed into a vibrant public park! On May 17th, the City Hall's courtyard officially opens its doors as a pop-up park, offering a much-needed escape from the city's hustle and bustle. Gone are the rows of vehicles, replaced by a 7,000-square-metre park (almost double the original size!). This temporary green haven boasts exciting landscaping, unique street furniture, and a variety of plants. The exciting news is that the final design for the permanent park is nearing completion, promising even more green space in Budapest's heart.

On November 17th, previously used for parking, the City Hall courtyard opened its gates for the first time to celebrate the city's 150th birthday. Visitors were treated to concerts and exhibitions on this special occasion. Six months later, on May 17th, the courtyard reopens as a pop-up park. This temporary haven is open until autumn, providing residents and visitors with a respite from the urban buzz including catering facilities, seasonal and thematic programmes, workshops, concerts and community cheering.

Summer fun all season long

Get ready for a summer filled with exciting activities at the brand-new Városháza pop-up park (City Hall pop-up park), brought to you by the Municipality of Budapest and Budapest Brand nZrt.! The park explodes onto the scene on May 17th with a spectacular opening performance featuring a DJ set and a side-splitting stand-up comedy show. On May 18th, a full day of activities leads into a special memorial evening for the beloved Hungarian DJ, DJ Palotai. Plus, with a restaurant open all day, this is the perfect place to grab some refreshments and soak up the peaceful atmosphere of Budapest's newest community space.

The park will buzz with themed evenings and special programs throughout the summer and into late autumn. Whether you're into sports or just looking for something fun to do, there's something for everyone. You can even catch international sporting events on projectors and cheer alongside Hungarians!

Whether you're bringing the kids, your furry friend, or just yourself, Városháza Pop-Up Park welcomes you with open arms. Discover your new favourite summer hangout!

Budapest's green transformation takes root

While the City Hall Park will initially launch as a pop-up with temporary elements, the groundwork is being laid for a complete area renewal within a few years. The winning entry for the park's final design is Lépték-Terv Landscape Architecture. Their genius approach, as news portal reports, goes beyond chopping the space up into separate zones for different activities, the designers opted for a more flexible approach. They created a park-space hybrid with a concentric layout, organised in circles around a central point. This breaks away from the typical, rigid design of a traditional square.

They did think of everything! This innovative design promises a space ideal for everything from communal yoga and swinging to game nights, open-air cinema, bustling fairs, thought-provoking poster exhibitions, and even large-scale concert.

The City of Budapest has unveiled a three-pronged vision for the revitalized Városháza Park (City Hall Park), transforming it into a vibrant hub for nature, community, and culture.

  • 1. The park is set to become Budapest's central green space by creating a whopping 8,000 square metres of new green space. Imagine lush trees providing shade and a welcome respite from the summer heat. This eco-friendly haven will also feature a rainwater recycling system, promoting sustainability in the heart of the city.
  • 2. Embracing the concept of an ‘Open City Hall,' the park will offer a platform for various events. Commemorations, social gatherings, and even political events will have a dedicated space. Additionally, the ground floor of City Hall will be accessible to the public, fostering cultural and community activities, as well as customer service functions.
  • 3. The new park is envisioned as a vibrant meeting place for Budapest residents. Regular events and activities will transform it into a cultural hub. This, combined with the existing Budapest Gallery, the revamped Merlin building, and the newly opened ground floor spaces of City Hall, promises a dynamic cultural zone in the heart of the city.

Find  out more about the City Hall pop-up park here and read about the renewal of the area here.

(Cover photo: Képszerkesztőség)