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This is the dish you need to try when in Hungary – according to Atlas Obscura

If you agree that the best way to explore a foreign culture is through food, read on! Atlas Obscura has a perfect reason for you to visit Budapest.


Where to grab a bite in Budapest in the early hours?

We've got you covered with the go-to spots to ease those post-night-out munchies.


Budapest’s best spots for a fast cheap lunch

Whether you crave a hefty burrito, Hungarian lángos fried dough or a bowl of Vietnamese phô, Budapest’s vibrant gastronomy scene has it all on a budget. Centered around the city’s downtown districts, many eateries offer quality street-food lunchtime treats for under 1,500 forints and cheaper. Check out where to go and dine by day without breaking the bank.


Pizza Manufaktúra

While several locales offer low-cost slices across the city, this Italian eatery serves you a whole pizza for just 1,000 forints with basic toppings. If you are willing to fork out a few hundred more, 1,400 forints buy you pizzas with extras such as tuna or bacon and sausages. Meals are simple, but the fine basic ingredients and a cheerful atmosphere make all the difference. 



Serving cupful of soups and a variety of handheld treats, Rapaz fills a gap near Blaha Lujza Square, an area mostly dominated by kebab eateries. Soups come hot, cold, sweet or savory, priced between 490-590 forints, while chicken sandwiches and wraps cost no more than 1,000 forints. 


El Bigote - Király utca

El Bigote is present in Budapest with a chain of eateries, pampering Mexican-food lovers with massive portions of burritos priced under 1,000 forints. These tortilla wraps come with a variety of fillings, such as spicy chorizo, beef and chicken, all ideal for those who are fond of feasting for a song.


Retro Lángos

Found by the Arany János Street station of the M3 metro line, Retró Lángos is a real vintage-style kiosk inviting passersby to grab a Hungarian fried-dough lángos treat. Whether it’s with classic cheese-and-sour-cream topping or covered with fried sausage and onions, your lángos will allow you to get maximum pleasure from a 1,000-forint bill. 


Bors Gastrobar

A reliable spot for quick and tasty food on Kazinczy Street, Bors feeds you with a range of tried-and-tested sandwiches and new creations, while the selection of innovative soups attracts both regular customers and newbies in the neighborhood. Within a 1,500-forint budget, you can have a multiple-course meal. 


Belvárosi Disznótoros

Found at two distinct downtown locations, Belvárosi Disznótoros is a blend of a grill station and butcher's shop. Freshly fried meat, spicy sausages, succulent pork hocks, a range of salads and pickles will entice you when it comes to ordering a meal at this carnivores’ haven. The cost of dish depends on its weight, but you can easily get a loaded plate for under 1,500 forints. 



One of Budapest’s best burger bars offers many of the American snacks for under 1,500 forints at multiple locations citywide. Those who can’t have the juicy treat without French fries can opt for the basic burger with chips and still won't shoot over the budget. 


Good Morning Vietnam

For affordable Asian delicacies, head to tiny Good Morning Vietnam, tucked down a District V side street. A big bowl of spicy phô with noodles, meat and fresh herbs comes to you for less than 1,500 forints, an ideal option during the cold autumn and winter months.


Bangle Büfé

Offering a variety of spice-infused meals, Bangla büfé pampers taste buds with a selection of inexpensive Indian and Bangladeshi treats, such as chicken biryani for 1,390 forints, and vegetable curry with rice or chapati bread for 1,290 forints.   

Address: Budapest 1073 , Dob utca 62.

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