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Terrace Time! Budapest's outdoor venues that are now open

Spring is here! The weather is starting to warm up and outdoor venues are blooming like flowers all over Budapest. More and more outdoor bars and pubs are open offering rosé fröccs (a Hungarian spritzer of wine mixed with soda water), yummy food, sometimes even live music, and the promise of lovely evenings that only end at dawn. To celebrate the start of Budapest's terrace season, we've rounded up the outdoor hangouts that are already open or will open very soon.



The stronghold of Balkan burgers and cyclists was among the firsts to open its outdoor venue this spring. This spot, in City Park, is one of the most popular outdoor hangouts in Budapest - particularly in great weather. During the day, it is frequented primarily by families, couples and others visiting the park. But on warm nights it is one of the favourite nightspots of Budapest's young people. While it's spacious, it is usually filled to the brim. Downtown prices, live music. The name means 'my garden' in English.


Könyvtár Klub

The café of the Eötvös University wears a modest mask until about 4pm on school days but it really comes to life after that, transforming into a typical university bar with cheap drinks, sometimes live band, drink discounts and youngsters letting their hair down. This year, the place will be in full swing from 27 April with the opening of TrefOrt Kert, so you can drink until dawn under the lanterns.

Address: 1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 4.



For most people Fröccsterasz needs no introduction. One of the most ideally located spots in Budapest is already waiting for you with arms wide open in Erzsébet Square. The drinks might not be better or cheaper this year, but if you are willing to compromise for what!s always a good time and a very central location then there is not a more loveable place.


Csendes Társ

Right by the entrance of Károlyi Garden, Csendes Társ - the little brother of Csendes - is also happy to have you for a coffee or a rosé fröccs in the small terrace by the gate of the quaint garden. Although the place is tiny (there's only a handful of tables) there is a huge selection of hundreds of wines to choose from, as well as a good range of simple and delicious snacks.


Kőleves Kert

You can also sip your drink outside in Kazinczy Street's Kőleves kert. The place offers a great kitchen again, plus a number of novelties like the rum ship (even we don't know what that is exactly) under the hammocks.



Red wooden chairs and iron tables, chequered tablecloths, and lanterns outside and the uniform tiles of the socialist era on the inside. Pántlika is already open for business so there is nothing standing in the way of you enjoying a laid back spring evening here. You can even quench your hunger with say a bean goulash, a burger or a pulled pork.


Budapest Park

Europe's largest outdoor club, Budapest Park begins its fourth season in April, continuing to bring you the greatest international stars for the five month season. The place is perfect for wild parties as well as for a relaxing outdoors in good weather.


Barba Negra Track

Barba Negra Track, one of the youngest concert venues in Budapest, opens its gates on 30 April. It features mostly Hungarian bands but will also present Papa Roach, Flogging Molly, and Sepultura this year. You'll have plenty of reasons to visit the Buda-end of Rákóczi Bridge.



Holdudvar on Margaret Island is one of the most versatile meeting points in town. Thanks to its spacious interior and an even larger patio, it is perfect for relaxed beers, dinner or a nice of dancing. The spot opens on 24 April and won't stop partying until the end of summer.


Madách Square

Located at one of Gozsdu udvar's exits is Madách Square, which has become one of the most popular recreational centres in Budapest, thanks to spots like Központ, Telep, Konyha, Castro and Hivatal. In good weather, the square fills with people and excitement flowing out from all of the square's venues.



We've been waiting to see the finished terrace atop Liebling's wooden spiral staircase. This is not a rooftop bar, since it's just a storey above the street, but you can still look down on a view of the crowd walking along Akácfa Street. The wine selection is excellent and chilling on the terrace of Liebling from 30 April with a great rosé and the blue cheese-pear tartare promises to be a truly pleasant experience.



Many will have already discovered the gravelled courtyard in Ráday Street along with its wines from the Balaton Uplands and its wintertime ice rink. The Rombusz experience is open to you every day from 10am to midnight. The IX District garden wasn't really designed for high heels, so be careful if that's what you're wearing.


Bálna Budapest

The view from the Bálna's terrace onto the Danube is great and this is a perfect spot for soaking up some Vitamin D on a warm afternoon. At night the lights on the river and on the Buda side make it a romantic evening spot.The terraces of Esetleg and Jónás Craft Beer House are two great options for relaxation on the Danube bank.



Located in a 100-year-old building, Hadik Café bears a historical importance: great figures of Hungarian literature, like Babits, Kosztolányi, Ady, and Karinthy used to chat on its terrace.Today, it goes by the definition of culture bar and café. You can have a breakfast, lunch or dinner at one of its outdoor tables until 11pm.


Pagony (Closed)

Pagony, in the former children's pool of the Gellért Bath, opens on 30 April. It is an easy-to-access, unique spot with a fine view of Gellért Hill, set amid the green. The place is strong in Czech beer and they also have various cultural programs like free cinema screenings, book readings and talks.



One of Budapest's speciality coffee, breakfast and evening spots is Dob utca's, Stika, which now has a nice terrace so you can relax to the chatter of Klauzál Square, while clutching a beer or a fröccs. The wine selection changes with the season, so turn to the staff for their pick to match a perfect spring night.



This year, raqpart returns on 1 May so you can again enjoy the vibes of the Danube bank at the Pest-end of the Chain Bridge. You can spend an entire day here with a smoothie or a rosé fröccs in hand, or have hake and chips while posing for Instagram with a shisha. At night this place unleashes some pretty incredible parties.



The star of the Római Bank, Fellini, also opens on 1 May bringing with it a summer holiday feeling on the Danube banks, just a short way from the inner-city. Fellini is ideal for sunbathing, relaxing, napping or having a beer (or all of the above). It offers concerts, cultural programs, comfy sunbeds and a handy bike repair, not to mention the yummy grill dishes and ice cream!


Mikszáth Square

One of the most pleasant summer outdoor hangouts in town is Mikszáth Kálmán Square in VIII District. Most of the bars and cafés put out tables and chairs to really bring the square to life in a way that's reminiscent of a summer-long downtown festival.


Kobuci Kert

Kobuci is a bun with sausage, garlic sour cream, tomatoes and cucumber - and it has its own club in Budapest, more precisely in the courtyard of the Zichy Palace in Óbuda.


Kopaszi Dam

Located a little bit out of the city centre, this manicured green area and strip of restaurants is a summer favourite. It is a popular family picnic spot or a destination for dinner and drinks at places like Fruska, Le Bistro or Vak Varjú Beach Bistro.Of course rooftop bars are also outdoors so we should add that 360 Bar opens on 1 May, while the Gozsdu Sky Terrace begins its spring/summer season on 30 April.

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