The message of The Doors’ timeless song, People Are Strange, is as relevant as ever. The neighbour on the left is digging a hole in his garden for his brand new bunker, while the neighbour on the right is piling up canned foods and is boarding up the windows. In light of the looming end of times thought to go down on 21 December, these behaviours are completely normal. Regardless of how the human race will be wiped off of the face of the Earth – tidal waves, meteor showers, hostile aliens, dimensional shift -, it’s high time you lived it up, even if the latest apocalypse proves to be another false alarm. Check out our tips, and hope for the best!


Rent a Party Bus!

During the last days of your life, you’d better make a splash by partying like a poker millionaire. Since this might be the final scene in the movie of your life, stop thinking like a small-time player. Call on your best friends, heaps of beautiful girls, and even a couple of random passers-by, then rent a party bus. These vehicles have a capacity of 20 to 30 people, are loaded with leather chairs and bottles of champagne on ice, moreover, contain a dance floor for those with a boogie fever and stripper poles for the brave. All in all, party buses are perfectly fitted for a farewell party where you can say goodbye to the 5126-year-long Mayan cycle while laughing at the old, naive assumptions about the Apocalypse such as the Cuban missile crisis or the Y2K-panic. For further details, click here.


An Alternative for Killing Zombies: A Shooting Experience

No matter how laidback and peaceful you are, having a well-hidden side that resembles John McLane and would knock anyone out after spitting out a cynical one-liner if it was set free, is nothing to be ashamed of. Luckily, there’s no need to go all-out and act like Die Hard’s tougher-than-any-villain cop to get a taste of the dangerous life, thanks to, for instance, Budakeszi’s Shooting Range. You can choose from a varied selection of firearms, and, after having found the weapon you fancy, you can shoot a couple of rounds with the assistance of a professional, whom you can regard as a skilled sidekick. Practicing your aim is not only a stress-relieving must-do in these dark times, it’s also something that will come handy when your flatmate turns into a flesh-eating creature.


End of The World Party on Corvintető

Almost all downtown party spots have decided to organize an end of the world party on 21 December, with Corvintető not being an exception. Corvintető's apocalyptic line-up includes a concert from the Hungarian rock band Fish!, who will present their latest album entitled - drum rolls, ladies and gentlemen - 'The End of The World'. The brains behind the event have promised to return ticket prices in case of an Earth-shaking catastrophe, but let's not get ahead of ourselves and hope that the dawn's first sunbeams, and not laser cannon-blasting aliens will end the party.


A Luxury Dinner With Sharks

Those deeply in love will most propably spend their last day on Earth with their sweethearts. Ever since the famous Beatles song came out, we all know that money can’t buy you love – especially not true love -, though, because the world is about the end, mixing luxury with romance won’t do you no harm. , located in the outskirts at Campona Shopping Mall, is a state of the art facility that brought the exotic flora and fauna of the seas and the rainforests to Budapest. The most intrigiuing offer on Tropicarium’s repertoire is without a doubt the luxury dinner for two in the sharks’ glass tunnel. Candle light, soft piano music, A-plus dishes, no one else around, and the planet’s most dangerous sea predators – what else would you need? Well, first and foremost, the proper amount of cash, since this romance-with-monsters package costs 200,000 HUF. For 50,000 plus, you can even have your love-heavy message delivered to your sweetheart by a scuba diver.


Survive a Dog Attack!

As John Keating said in The Dead Poets Society, Carpe Diem! Now that the Four Horsemen are about to come around, apocalypse-believers tend to live by this notion. Since surfing on tidal waves is out of the picture, and it’s way too cold to jump out of a plane, the experience called “Survive a Dog Attack!” will come handy if you’re looking to skyrocket your adrenaline level. The gist of the experience is simple: you put on a full-body protective suit, then you’re charged by a stronger-than-Schwarzenegger, well-trained fighting dog. We know it sounds scary, but it’s totally safe, and a professional trainer is present at all times, so you can give it a run even if you believe the Sun will rise on 22 December. For further details, check out Dog Centre’s website.


End-Of-The-World Show at Planetarium

In case you’re eager to know the possibilities of the alleged astronomical events of 21 December – including the pole shift hypothesis, an impact event, or the out-of-the-blue appearance of planet Nibiru -, head over to the on the aforementioned and widely-feared Friday. Does this mean that the astronomers at Planetarium already know that nothing will happen? Or are they just trying to lull us into a false sense of security? For better or for worse, we’ll soon find out.


Last Supper at Anker

We assume that 21 December is, in a certain way, going to remind you of a specific part of the Road Runner vs. Wile E. Coyote cartoons: when the latter presses the button that should detonate the tons of TNT…and, after a moment tense from expectation, nothing on Earth happens. Deep in our hearts, we all know that we’ll see the light on 22 December, but we’re still keeping the legend alive until the very last minute – only to live it up like never before. Clubs and bars provide a plethora of programmes to tempt party-goers into wild all-nighters, with not being an exception. Anker’s apocalyptic schedule includes DJ-sets and a Last Supper menu.


Armageddon at Dürer Kert

Due to their rebellious, I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude, the enthusiasts of punk and metal might not be so sad about the end of all things, and they won’t flinch even if we make it through 21 December, either. To provide the best duo of all, rock’n roll and beer, organizes a free-of-charge armageddon party, which also happens to be a charity event centered around collecting old and rarely-worn clothes bound to be given to those in need by the Hungarian Red Cross. The latter is another proof for the dime-a-dozen proverb that you shouldn’t judge a punk by its tattoos. Or is it just a matter of balancing out your karma? Way too many loose ends to figure it out.