The European Union offered Hungary 8000 billion Hungarian forints (aprox. 30 billion €) between 2007 and 2013 for developments in different fields. As a result, throughout Hungary large billboards call attention to ongoing projects. Hereby we will present you some of those big projects that are currently under construction or will be built in the near future in the capital.


M0 motorway

M0 is the circular motorway around Budapest. Its construction has started in the 1980s, today 75% of the motorway is completed, the only missing sector is the western part, that is said to be built till 2015. This part of the road will connect the northern part of the city with the western motorways heading to Vienna and the Lake Balaton, leading through tunnels in the Buda Hills.


Metro 4

The construction of metro line 4 is one of the biggest ongoing projects in the city today. It causes a lot of trouble and road closedowns in the city center but hopefully the first section will be opened till 2011. Further extensions are projected later, till 2013. Metro 4 will connect Kelenföldi and Keleti railway stations, leading through downtown Buda and Pest. The trains will be operated fully automatically and it will be an up-to-date 21st century underground line.


Metro 5

However, Metro 5 is still not scheduled and there is no exact date when constructionworks start but plans about the fifth metro line in Budapest date back till the 1970s. This line would create a north-south corridor through downtown, connectingthree major suburban railways, to directions Szentendre, Csepel and Ráckeve.


Citadell funicular

The funicular to the citadel would be a dream come true. There are exact plans on the table and construction could start at any time, the only problem is that it would harm the trees of the Gellért Hill, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Today it is not that easy to get to the citadel. Either you have to walk or take a sightseeing bus to take you uphill, whereas the Castle Hill Funicular has been in operation for about a hundred years. If the official obstacles get out of way the construction could start at any time.