The European Union offered Hungary 8000 billion Hungarian forints (aprox. 30 billion €) between 2007 and 2013 for developments in different fields. As a result, throughout Hungary large billboards call attention to ongoing projects.



The Dream Island vision is a very complex rehabilitation and development project, taking place at Hajógyári Island that hosts the city’s fanciest night clubs and the world famous Sziget Festival. Works have started in 2007 and the project includes new hotels, conference centers, sport facilities, water and leisure parks, a promenade around a bay and the recultivation of green areas. They also want to restore the Roman Hadrian Palace, Old-Buda’s (Aquincum’s) historic city center, the Zichy Palace and the surrounding public transportation facilities.


Kopaszi Gát

The Kopaszi dam project is very similar to the Dream Island. It is going on south Buda, today a brand new park is already built, but numerous other facilities are under construction at the site. Apartments, offices, a shopping and entertainment center, a fitness-wellness-spa and health care center, a hotel, a new bridge and a yacht harbor are featured in the project schedule that are set to be completed in the next 8-10 years. With this project Southern Buda would be enriched with a new center and rest area.



CET is one of the most popular and awaited projects to be completed in Budapest. It will be inaugurated in summer 2010 and it will serve as a new cultural, retail and leisure center in southern-central Pest, by the Danube. The main building, made of glass and iron will form a futuristic whale (meaning “cet” in Hungarian), emerging from the river Danube, accompanied by restored warehouse buildings that have stood here since the 19th century. Cet will function as a multi-use cultural and conference center, accompanied by entertainment and retail facilities, but it’s primary goal is to improve international cultural relations.


Ice Rink rehabilitation

This project is part of the reconstruction of the City Park. Till 2011 the whole neo-baroque building of the Budapest Ice Rink will be restored and other buildings, demolished back in the world wars will also be rebuilt around the lake. This project is closely related to the extension of the Museum of Fine Arts that is also part of the Millennium-District.