10 best Budapest confectioneries offering home delivery and takeaway


  • Nemes Nóra

5/13/2020 9:31 AM

Even during quarantine, we can still celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. If you don’t feel like baking, you can order great cakes and pastries from these fabulous confectioneries for home delivery or pop round to pick them up in person.

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest

The Bake Shop


1066 Budapest, Weiner Leó utca 16.

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The Bake Shop's physical store is closed, so unfortunately you can’t pop in and sit down for a slice – but their cake-delivery service is still running smoothly. The offer is still wide and the prices friendly – they only have a limited number of treats you order, so don’t leave it until the last minute. All information is available on their Facebook page.

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1051 Budapest, Sas utca 3.

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For the first time, the cakes dreamed up by Anett Béres, confectioner at Michelin-starred Borkonyha, and the confectioners at partner restaurant Textúra, can be enjoyed at home. Six types of cakes in three different sizes can be delivered to you within 24 hours. Your order can also be arranged through Édes Város (Hungarian-only).

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest

Chez Dodo


1051 Budapest, Sas utca 7.

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The queen of macarons, Chez Dodo is not leaving us empty-handed during quarantine either – their special, seasonal and crunchy macarons and other types of desserts can be received at home and taken away as well. Up-to-date information about Chez Dodo’s world of sweets can be found on their Facebook page.

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1136 Budapest, Hegedűs Gyula utca 23.

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This producer of addictive desserts in Újlipótváros is still in operation, creating, as always, sweet poetry from the French canon. Although the store is closed, you can see their current offering on their Facebook page. Selected cakes can be picked up in person or ordered through Édes Város (Hungarian-only), then brought to your door.

Photo: Cioccolatte / Facebook

Cioccolatte Fagylaltozó


1137 Budapest, Pozsonyi út 7.

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This Italian ice cream, coffee and dessert haven remains open for takeaways, but offers delivery as well. Those craving homemade ice cream or their truly unique ice-cream cake can put in a quick call to them and wait for the goodies to arrive at their doorstep. Although these only come at the end of the week, the time spent waiting will be well rewarded. See the selection on their Facebook page.

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1023 Budapest, Frankel Leó út 21.

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Thankfully, this Italian confectionery has stayed open during quarantine – though, of course, you can only enjoy their sweetest of sweet desserts as takeaway. You can find their cake range on their Facebook page – and if you’ve a hankering for the best cannoli in town or other Italian treats, then Wolt and Netpincér can home-deliver.

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Egy csipet torta


Egy csipet torta are also offering their new range for home delivery. In addition to the usual cakes, you will also find cake selections, sundaes and savoury items. They work part-time, so try not to order at the last minute. On the Wednesday, say, you can phone them and talk over what kind of dessert you’d like to pick up for the weekend. You can also find a few of their creations delivered through Édes Város (Hungarian-only).

Photo: Gerbeaud

Gerbeaud Kávéház


1051 Budapest, Vörösmarty tér 7.

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Perhaps the most deserted part of the city is in the middle of it, once bustling Vörösmarty tér in – but the good news is that you don’t have to miss out on Gerbeaud’s world-renowned cakes. Petit Gerbeaud, Gerbeaud’s sister operation set up for hoe delivery, has just been launched. By the way, the delivery is nothing new for Gerbeaud: cakes were sent out to customers in the days of founder Henrik Kugler and Émil Gerbeaud, who later lent his name to this legendary confectionery. Róbert Mártha, confectioner at Michelin-starred Onyx and creative director of confectionery at Gerbeaud, as well as executive chef Ágnes Tóth, oversee the cake selection and and its ever-expanding range.

The Petit Gerbeaud webshop starts with a number of cakes and wrapped delicacies, and offers a variety of classics and modern creations. Prices start from 690 forints, and even the most expensive is below 1,000. In addition to cakes, there are also alcoholic beverages, and turnover will gradually expand according to demand, pastries made at the Termelő Workshop, hot and cold dishes from the Gerbeaud kitchen. See the Petit Gerbeaud website for the full range and details.

Photo: Hartyányi Norbert - We Love Budapest

Sovány Vigasz - Pest


1136 Budapest, Hollán Ernő utca 20.

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There’s no sign of gluten, sugar or lactose at this confectionery, although you wouldn’t know it given the amazing flavours and carefully selected ingredients you’ll enjoy. During quarantine, the need for safe nourishment for those living with allergies or intolerances is even bigger, and this is one place you can always turn to. The orders are delivered on Fridays and Saturdays around Budapest and certain suburbs. Find out more on their Facebook page.

Photo: László Balkányi - We Love Budapest

Sütit akarok! - Buda


1023 Budapest, Frankel Leó út 72.

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This confectionery on Frankel Leó út is also still in operation. Although they don’t deliver, they will put aside a few slices of cake for you if you call ahead. Pre-ordering cake is also still available, and you can pop in to grab a treat or two for takeaway. As many of us only have one or two people to share our meals with these days, they have also prepared smaller-sized cakes, so we don’t have to end up scoffing 16 slices all at once.

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