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On the first weekend of July,
360 Bar
challenges the coolest
rooftop bars
to compete against each other. The participants are the challenger
360 Bar
, the underground
Corvin Club
, the diverse
Gozsdu Sky Terrace
, and the beloved
How you can vote:

Become a true critic on July 1,2,3! Look for the official voting papers of the 
Rooftop Challenge Weekend
at all the participating terrace bars, and in return, the organizers give you a welcome drink and a bite to eat right away.

360 Bar:
welcome prosecco

Corvin Club:
welcome Russian Standars + soda + lime

Gozsdu Sky Terrace:
welcome shot cocktail

welcome lemonade or dry champagne

When you got hold of the voting paper all you have to do is visit all the participating places and test them like a true critic. After you fill out the paper at each terrace, you can get an official stamp on it at the bar, and submit it at the same spot.

 ( rate: 1-5)

- Dishes

- Drinks

- Service

- View/atmosphere

- Music

What you can win:

If you rate the participating terraces you have a chance to win a gift package that all the competing bars put together. The winner will be chosen after the 
Rooftop Challenge Weekend
, and will be notified via e-mail. Keep in mind that the more bars you rate the bigger change you have to take it all!


360 Bar:
exclusive breakfast for two with music, a bottle of champagne, and personal waiter service

Corvin Club
: a monthly pass for all Corvin events

Gozsdu Sky Terrace
: cocktail tasting for 2, of three cocktails of your choice

: 3 course wine dinner for 2

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