Halloween-Cydonia Vintage

Event details

Paloma’s first
Halloween party
is just around the corner!

We welcome all obscenities: bloody baronesses, dirty goblins and bitchy absinthe fairies…


From 12:00 (all day) Cydonia market - vintage and new clothes from 500 Ft, debut of unique jewelry collection, antique trinkets and the usual stuff

From 13:00 "What’s in the box?" game

From 14:00 "Halloween face painting" by a professional make-up artist, who will do your face painting for a symbolic price

From 16:00 divination with 100-year-old gypsy cards

All day:

- Vintage Halloween music

- Horrible photo corner, where you can take your photo with your friends, Cydonia staff or special guests

- Turn-of-the-century horror-film screening

- Interview with the vampire and other scary stories

: 400 Ft with costume, 500 Ft without costume

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