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101 x ODA grill party

ODA is a top-notch pizza spot in one of Buda's most charming old houses up the hill. On September 28th, they are teaming up with modern Taiwanese eatery 101Bistro to throw a grill party to remember. The menu will include delicacies for vegans and meat lovers alike, all dishes to be washed down with coriander - Thai Basil soda, beer, or prosecco. 


  • Lu Wei beef tongue skewers, Dijon mayonnaise.
  • Shou pa chicken skewers, sweet soy.
  • Charred cauliflower, peanut sauce, coriander & verjus berries (vegan).
  • Grilled radicchio, tomato compote, tiger dressing & shiso (vegan).
  • Mandarin-white chocolate-coconut cake.

Kids and dogs are welcome.

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