Another high-profile celebrity has visited the Hungarian capital, following in the footsteps of Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and Bill Murray.

John Malkovich, renowned for his roles in films such as Of Mice and Men, Being John Malkovich, Shadow of the Vampire, Johnny English, and Red, recently made his way to Budapest. While here, he dived into the city's cultural scene at two of its most prestigious museums; the Museum of Fine Arts near the City Park and the Hungarian National Gallery nestled in the Buda Castle. 

Facebook post from the Museum of Fine Arts shed light on this visit, showcasing the American actor exploring the museum's collections with his partner, guided by the institution's director. An Instagram post also revealed that the couple ventured to the Hungarian National Gallery, too. Whether this trip is a private getaway or a sign of an upcoming shooting, remains a mystery. Nonetheless, let's all keep an eye out for a sight of the legendary actor.

(Borítókép: Szépművészeti Múzeum)