Visible from many parts of the city, the Liberty Statue, a female figure holding a palm leaf, has stood proudly on Gellért Hill for 77 years. Recently, it was wrapped up in scaffolding. Here’s why.

Call it Budapest's most distinctive skyline feature, the world's biggest bottle opener, or a Soviet-installed metal statue; the Liberation Monument is an iconic sight in the city. It's hard to miss, as you can spot it from just about anywhere while strolling through downtown Budapest. What you may not know is that this statue was erected as a tribute to the Red Army's victory over Hungary's Nazi occupiers during World War II. Because of this, several movements have tried to remove this female figure over the years, but it has stood its ground. And now, the monument is getting a much-needed glow-up

Renovation work has begun, and scaffolding has been erected around the statue's base to assess its condition and start repairs. The responsible team will fix any damage to the stone, repair erosion caused by weather, and replace or restore parts of the structure as needed.

Experts will clean the surface of the main statue and the other elements of the composition. They will also inspect the thousands of fastening screws within the statues and repair any cracks or damage. Once the Liberty Statue is renovated, the surrounding terrace will be redesigned to match the refreshed look of the Citadel's (or Citadella) inner and outer public parks.