Be part of an exciting event in Budapest where athletes compete for Olympic qualification in breaking, BMX freestyle, sport climbing, and skateboarding. Cheer on world-class competitors as they perform jaw-dropping tricks, and dive into action yourself with free activities like bike trials, basketball, snowboard, teqball, or parkour. Here's all you need to know.

From June 20th to 23rd, Budapest hosts the Olympic qualifications in breaking, BMX freestyle, skateboarding, and sport climbing, promising a festival-style celebration. The four-day event, which is completely free, blends music, fashion and art with high-energy sporting competitions. It's a unique opportunity for fans and athletes to watch and try different sports, experience epic moments, and mingle with like-minded people. Just head over to the campus of Ludovika University of Public Service in Orczy Park, located in Budapest's 8th district, where competitions and concerts will be held in a transformed setting.

It's all about the Paris 2024 Olympic Games!

Budapest is the final stop for athletes seeking to secure their spot at the Olympic Games 2024 in Paris (coming up between July 26th and August 11th) in breaking, BMX freestyle, skateboarding, and sport climbing. While the latter three already made their Olympic debuts in Tokyo, this year, breaking will join the roster for the first time. After the first rounds in Shanghai, loads of international superstar athletes have now flocked to the Hungarian capital to compete for their Olympic dreams – this being their last chance to prove themselves and earn their ticket to Paris. So expect a highly-charged atmosphere!

International superstars

You can meet Olympic champion skater Sakura Yosozumi, Olympic champion sport climber Alberto Ginés López, and BMX freestyle legend Logan Martin. Silver medalist Miho Nonaka will also join the competition, challenging herself in sport climbing. 

Hungarian contestants

If you live in Hungary and feel like supporting fellow citizens, you can also cheer on the Hungarians! Four contestants are about to enter the games. Csenge Szarvák (B-Girl Csenge) and Lobontiu Menotti Noris (B-Boy Noris by Nature) will compete in breaking, Nimród Sebestyén Tusnády will take on sport climbing, and Zoltán Kempf (Kempf Zozo) will compete in BMX freestyle.

Concerts and other side events popping up at the Urban Festival

While joining the Olympic Qualifier Series, you can also be part of the Urban Festival, which runs simultaneously and is free of charge. Enjoy live concerts at the very spots where competitions take place, and experience the best of the Hungarian pop and rap scene, featuring artists like Animal Cannibals, Hősök, MC Kemon and Deniz.

And it's not just about the concerts. You can dive into other sport-related activities: watch the adrenaline-filled BMX flatland show by three-time champion Ádám Kun, or catch breaking champion Zoltán Filkóházi's electrifying performance! You can even join his training sessions designed for first-timers.

And to top it all, you can try several sports for free, like bike trial 3x3 basketball, snowboarding, teqball, and parkour. You can also challenge yourself at the start of a BMX cross race, and on a pump track course. The event's final day falls on Olympic Day, celebrated with Hungarian Olympic champions.

More details and the programme here.

(Cover photo: OIS)