Who is Banksy? A lone wolf or a collaborative effort? Male or female? The World of Banksy – The street is a canvas exhibition that delves into these mysteries, exploring their location choices, artistic philosophy, and the captivating power that has the world listening. Visit the Komplex on Király utca until the end of September!

Beyond mere graffiti, Banksy's work is a meticulously crafted blend of technique, thought-provoking messages, and clever twists that have secured them a place as one of the most prominent contemporary artists. This Budapest showcase, following successful runs in Barcelona, Paris, Milan, Prague, Brussels, Lisbon, and Dubai, promises a deep dive into the world's most popular graffiti artist.

Discover the Banksy Universe 

While Banksy's iconic image is undoubtedly linked to powerful public stencils that tackle current political and social issues, there's a lesser-known side to this anonymous artist. Their creative journey, spanning over two decades, extends far beyond walls. Banksy has experimented with a surprising range of materials, including canvas, fabric, aluminium, forex, and plexiglass. There's even a daring instance where they used live animals as a canvas for an exhibition, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. Filmmaking adds another dimension to Banksy's repertoire, showcasing their multifaceted talents.

The collection features graffiti, photos, video installations, imprints, and other unique pieces – all collected and reproduced for this exclusive exhibition. Usually, the original pieces are rarely accessible to the public, not to mention that they are scattered around the world. However, now you have the chance to experience Banksy's art right here in the heart of Budapest, without needing to travel the globe.

Spectacular installations and monumental artworks

According to Manu De Ros, the curator, the exhibition allows us to enter the artist's universe and understand the themes he considers important.

'An international team of painters works on the exhibition, reproducing the paintings with the same technique, details, and colors each time the exhibition moves to a new venue. Nearly 100 items are on display, including murals from around the world, artworks, spectacular art installations, and Banksy's larger-scale activities.'

The World of Banksy – The street is a canvas is an international exhibition on show at the Komplex at 26 Király utca, Budapest until September, before continuing to Venice, Naples and New York. 

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The World of Banksy – The street is a canvas

(Cover photo: The World of Banksy)