The Instant-Fogas complex is one of Budapest's most popular party venues, which not only offers an amazing atmosphere, 7 dance floors, and 18 bars but is the only one in the world to be open 8 days a week. From April 21st, a series of events called '8th day' will start every Sunday, and from 2 pm onwards, we will be treated to showstopping performances, dazzling décor, and of course, the one-of-a-kind atmosphere that keeps you coming back for more in the shadow of pixel clouds.

Thriving for the past 3 years, Instant-Fogas has welcomed over 5,000 performers and countless partygoers from all over the world to its massive 1,200 square meter dance floor. More than just a nightclub due to its prime location, Instant-Fogas is a one-stop party destination offering a captivating, never-ending party maze every night. With a variety of dance floors catering to all preferences, a remarkable ruin pub ambience, an outdoor garden, and a spacious terrace, this venue is ideal for both grand celebrations and casual get-togethers.

Groundbreaking sensation: Instant-Fogas is open 8 days a week

Taking things to the next level, Instant-Fogas isn't stopping at being the capital's biggest club – they're pioneering a world-first with an 8-day opening!

What does this mean for you? Buckle up, party people! The Instant-Fogas complex will be open every day from 6 pm to 6 am, with an exciting twist – starting April 21st, they'll open an extra 8th day, kicking things off at 2 am on Sundays!

As we can read about the event series, “Our company will soon proudly present what no one else in the world has ever done before! Instant-Fogas, Budapest's undisputed party champion, is shattering the mould by becoming the world's first club with an 8-day opening! Mark your calendars for April 21st, because that's when the party starts and never truly stops. Every Sunday from 2 pm onwards, Instant-Fogas throws open its doors for an unforgettable experience. Expect showstopping performances, dazzling décor, and of course, the one-of-a-kind atmosphere that keeps you coming back for more.”

The '8th-day' programme series kicks off on April 21st

The VAD-Goa room explodes with the opening ceremony on April 21st, featuring DJ powerhouses like Djane Goblin(Y-Production), Snag (Sun Festival) Hruscsov (Dacru Records), and U-Recken (Dacru Records Israel). Meanwhile, the garden gets grooving with melodic techno, and the tech house room throws open its doors at 2 pm sharp. Antaza, Helina & Helianth, and Dj Shiitake will be there to keep you moving all day long.

Craving a weekend party that doesn't mess with your workweek? Look no further than Instant-Fogas' revolutionary '8th day'! Starting on April 21st, skip the late nights and join the celebration from a friendly 2 pm on Sundays. It's the perfect way to unwind without sacrificing your evenings.


Instant- Fogas

FogasHáz and Instant were already defining nightlife destinations in Budapest

(Cover photo: Instant-Fogas)