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Mini-sculptures and a massive graffiti art piece have appeared near Allee


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02/09/2023 8.15am

A popular and widely-visited promenade in Újbuda, Kőrösy sétány, has just received exciting new works of art. In late August, a new collection of mini-sculptures and a unique street art wall were added to Budapest's 11th district. Four mini-sculptures by sculptor Antal Plank bring vibrant colours to the area around the shopping centre, bridging art and everyday life. Simultaneously, the Colorfools team is credited with creating a modern street art wall representing the emblematic values of the district.

Art reflects the world we live in and is quietly integrated into our everyday lives. This statement is showcased perfectly by the new street art wall and mini-sculpture collection of Buda's popular shopping mall Allee Centre. The modern artworks' goal is to make art more accessible to people.

 'It's important for us to foster a great community experience and neighbourliness in the 11th district, and also support art and culture, so we have added colour to the promenade with mini-sculptures and street art mural' said Dr Melinda Szilágyi, Head of Operation, Allee Centre.

Photo: Allee

This is not the first time sculptor Antal Plank created something memorable in Újbuda; he has already surprised the neighbourhood with Ella, a mini-sculpture of a Corgi puppy. Mini-sculptures as a genre are very popular nowadays because they offer an opportunity for a playful urban adventure. This time the artist left four new works behind: together with Allee, he has chosen four symbolic elements that should not be missing from any public space. A book, which is always in someone's hand. An ice cream and a skateboard, which attract young people. And a coffee cup, that serves as an essential part of any meeting. 

Photo: Allee

'I'm very happy that we could work together again after last year's successful project. During the current collaboration, works push the boundaries of the community space, as Allee is a large, spacious place where a lot of people come and go' said the artist.

Photo: Allee

The purpose of the mini-statues is to add colour and liveliness to the neighbourhood, as well as to protect public spaces. Antal Plank said that his sculptures on Széll Kálmán tér also helped to encourage skateboarders to practice their hobby in designated skate parks rather than on benches and flowerbeds. The modern skateboard park at Goldmann György tér, just a few minutes away, is the perfect place for that.

Photo: Allee

The school wall that tells stories

The street art wall along the pleasant promenade Kőrösy sétány is a modern piece of art that fits into the cityscape. It also suits the district, reinforces good neighbourliness, attracts visitors, and gives a boost to the public area. The shopping centre is pretty open-minded when it comes to new art forms and believes that modern art can live and breathe together with the existing values of the 11th district. 

Photo: Allee

On the formerly heavily damaged school wall, the urban wall decorating team of Colorfools combined modern and classical elements. The painting showcases the landmarks of Újbuda, along with the shopping centre's offers and values. Thus, in addition to the message of fashion, culinary delights and sustainability, the silhouettes of the well-known Liberty Bridge, the fountain of Gellért tér and the Statue of Liberty on top of Gellért Hill also appear on the almost 55-meter-long mural.

At the same time, you can discover some hidden messages since each symbol has several layers. The Colorfools team also talked about this in a behind-the-scenes video during painting. 

Photo: Allee

'The aim was to create an iconic, well-recognizable and spectacular work that would be integrated into the increasingly colourful artistic life of the 11th district' said Márton Árvay, the creator of Colorfools.

As with all the art projects supported by Allee Centre it was important to protect the values of the district while opening to modern art in a nontraditional direction. 

'Our aim was to bring art closer to young people, so from time to time we strive to work with artists who understand their language' emphasized Dr. Melinda Szilágyi. 

The modern art project, with a total value of nearly HUF 10 million, actively contributes to enhancing the cultural values of the district.

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