Liberty Bridge (Szabadság híd), linking Fővám tér and Szent Gellért tér, carries main tram lines 47 and 49 between the central transport hub of Deák tér and Buda. It’s also remarkably photogenic, with its criss-cross metalwork and symbolic Hungarian design features such as turul birds and the bright red-and-white national coat of arms. Built between 1894 and 1896, it was opened as Franz Josef Bridge in the presence of the Habsburg emperor himself – he bashed the last silver rivet into the iron structure, an event commemorated by a plaque at the Pest abutment. In the summer of 2016, the bridge was closed to traffic because of reconstruction, allowing it to be taken over by locals for grill parties, yoga classes and communal relaxation. This led to the more formalised Liberty Bridge picnics, an annual series of casual get-togethers on specific weekends, with informal performances and activities, organised by urban activists Valyo.