With its 90 metres, the second tallest tower in Budapest (after the MOL Campus) is set to be built at the Pest end of the Árpád Bridge. It will function as the main building of the new MBH Bank headquarters.

MBH Bank's new headquarters will be built on the corner of Róbert Károly körút and Váci út, and will consist of a 65, a 78, and a 90-metre tower. The general designer of the 76,000-square-metre complex is Finta & Partners Architects, who also contributed to the MOL Campus design. Two towers are intended to house staff, while one is planned to be rented out. The new building complex will be directly adjacent to Agora, and while the plans for Agora previously included a transport hub and infrastructure improvements, this is no longer a requirement for the bank's new headquarters.

The three towers are not new to the area: in 2017, a new city centre was already foreseen at the exit of the Árpád Bridge, with the then investor and designer also envisaging tower blocks. Even then, the construction of a 90-metre-high tower building was considered, as the regulatory plan already allows for such tall buildings in this area. Although the Agora was eventually built, with a tower nowhere near 90 metres, the design of the new MBH headquarters seems to have taken advantage of this opportunity.

As some civil engineering works and substructures have already been completed on the site, the first two towers to serve as headquarters could be built by late 2026.