Metro line M3 stations at Deák Ferenc tér and Ferenciek tere got a nice and long-awaited facelift and are now back in service. This means you can forget about the replacement buses and get to the city centre easily if you travel between South Pest and Deák Ferenc tér. The newly reopened stations boast bright blue and yellow colours, modern lighting, a lift and an escalator accessible to wheelchair users. See the revamped stations in our photos!

The reconstruction of metro line M3, which has been going on for several years, just reached another milestone. Two key stops have been reopened in downtown Budapest: Deák Ferenc tér and Ferenciek tere stations are now back in service. With the works being completed, anyone wishing to travel between Kőbánya-Kispest and Deák Ferenc tér can do so without changing to a replacement bus. The new stations come with bright colours, modern lighting, and new signs, and are wheelchair accessible.

Deák Ferenc tér

Ferenciek tere

Useful information:

  • Replacement buses are in operation between Deák Ferenc tér to Gönz Árpád városközpont, where the refurbishment is still taking place.
  • Metros on metro line M3 are not stopping at Nagyvárad tér due to reconstruction works.
  • The whole line is expected to be back in service in May 2023.
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