Hungary made it to the list of the best thermal spas in Europe, published by the British newspaper The Mirror. It is the only country with two mentions.

There is no ranking in the Mirror's list, it simply rounds up the seven best thermal spas in Europe, including pools in England, Switzerland, Iceland, France, Greece and Hungary. Our country got two mentions: Budapest's Széchenyi Baths and Hévíz Lake Spa are both highlighted.

Hévíz Lake Spa is referred to as 'the largest swimmable thermal lake in the whole world'. There is only one thermal lake bigger in size, the Frying Pan Lake in New Zealand, however, its temperature (60C) makes it impossible to even set foot in it. The article praises the surrounding park and the water lilies dotting the surface of the lake. It also highlights that the water has healing powers (it is beneficial for rheumatic diseases and locomotor disorders, among others).

Regarding the neo-baroque Széchenyi Baths, they mention that it is Europe's largest medicinal bath and the third largest in the world. It offers 21 pools, 3 of them being outdoors.