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Turbina Cultural Centre to close for the time being

The Turbina Cultural Centre was much more than a simple nightclub. There were exhibitions, theatre shows, folk dancing, parties, film screenings, concerts and workshops, as well as a huge inner bar. This diverse place in District VIII is now closing after nine months of operation because they still haven’t received the paperwork they needed to operate.

Offering diverse entertainment at night, and an inner courtyard and bistro by day, the Turbina had become a major fixture on the Budapest scene since opening in September 2021.

According to the venue’s Facebook page, they still hadn’t received: “the permits needed to host evening events, which are essential for a sustainable operation. Our rooms are soundproofed, our institution operates within a closed area and we take great care not to expose the surrounding area to noise. Therefore, we have decided to close the Turbina Cultural Centre until permits are issued. We hope that our application, which is still being submitted, will be accepted in the coming weeks, so that we can start the next club season at a renewed, sustainable Turbina”.

Reacting to the news, District VIII mayor, András Pikó, said: “As I consider the agenda at the Turbina Cultural Center, the events enriching the cultural and community life of our district, to be a serious value, I was also informed when I heard the latest police rejection. According to the information received, the requested opening hours until 4am were refused by the police on a professional basis. I believe that the latest decision by the Józsefváros municipal council to extend the opening hours of enclosed district restaurants until midnight and terraces until 11pm could be a realistic compromise for Turbina”.


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