The range of ice cream now available in Budapest just grows and grows. Among the high-quality scoops and cups, you find the Giandó gelateria in the elegant downtown passageway of Haris köz. We pay a visit to this Italian-run parlour of authentic tastes and flavours.

Tucked along narrow Haris köz, the Giandó gelateria is brimming with fabulous, fresh ice cream and equipped with a convivial pavement terrace where you sit down to enjoy your summer treat. You can even see the ice creams being made in the back space.

Young owner Giandomenico Spotorno Olmo runs the place with his business partner, Fabio Fazi, and his chef friend Carlo Pasqualini. The ambitious son of a wealthy family, he left the medical university in Budapest to follow his dream, taking with him a network of international contacts.

As for the ice cream, the fior di latte whisks straight to the Adriatic seafront and summer holidays, while pouring a superb espresso over an ice cream (HUF 990) takes you to a whole new level of Italian experience.

The ice creams are fashioned into three sizes (HUF 750, HUF 950, HUF 1,350) in one, two and three flavours, these flavours so strong, deep and intense that quite often, two are enough.

No, it’s not cheap but the measures are more substantial than the average scoop in other places around town – and you’re paying for top Italian quality.

Venue information

Giandó Budapest
1052 Budapest, Haris köz 1
Open: Mon-Thur, Sun 10am-11pm, Fri-Sat 10am-midnight