The Scruton V.P. communal space is located at the corner of Veres Pálné and Irányi utca, where you can not only pop in for coffee or lunch, but also feel at home at any time of the day. It's like walking into a downtown living room. A pleasant interior, little nooks and bookshelves await, but there’s also a podcast studio, an exhibition space, a stage and a function room for exciting events. The gastronomy also hits the spot: brunch dishes encourage you to extend breakfast, creatively crafted food might accompany a friendly rendezvous or a business meeting, specialty coffees help spark up meaningful conversation, and you can start the evening with fresh craft beers on tap or cocktails. We spent a super day at Scruton V.P., which has two other locations in Budapest: Scruton BELVÁROS near Szabadság tér, and homely Scruton MCC in the relaxing surroundings of Feneketlen Lake.

English conservative philosopher and aesthete, Sir Roger Vernon Scruton, among the distinguished dining companions of Margaret Thatcher on Friday evenings, lends his name to Scruton V.P.. After all, for the Ancient Greeks, gastronomy and philosophy went hand in hand, just think of Plato’s Symposium! That’s why Scruton V.P. is not just simply a café or restaurant, but a communal space that encourages you to think, read, debate, dream and create your own projects together, while dining and drinking well, whether you’re alone or in a group.

To linger more at Scruton, delicious coffees, teas, breakfasts and main courses are provided, along with homely hospitality and kind, attentive service. If you’re in for a decent brunch, start the day here. In addition to the classic omelette, scrambled eggs and American pancakes, irresistible bagels can get the morning going.

And for a delicious sandwich made from sourdough bread, this is the place, though it’ll probably be difficult to choose between smoked salmon, Parma ham and aubergine spread. Whisper it, but our personal favourite was the blueberry cheese-spread sandwich with goats’ cheese and fruits of the forest...

At Scruton, coffee is not taken lightly either, sourced by the team from Impresso, who have their own roaster on the outskirts of Budapest to make better and better espressos.

But tea lovers will also find their own speciality on the drinks menu, as they’ll be able to sip Sir Roger Scruton’s favourite brew. It creates the perfect atmosphere for friendly conversation, reading a good book or even doing a little work.

Scruton Strong Tea is a ritual in itself, setting the tone for immersion: the philosopher specifically preferred a combination of Assam and Darjeeling tea leaves, which should be mixed in proportions of two-thirds to one-third and left to soak for exactly ten minutes, enough time to eliminate the distracting stimuli around you, mute your phone, and then take out a good book or start that in-depth conversation. The tea is finally poured over a small measure of milk, and with this hot steaming drink of golden brown, you can indulge in complete relaxation.

When it comes to lunch or dinner, Scruton still has surprises in store: burgers and bistro dishes are just as exciting as the pasta ones, and the extra element is that you don’t have to compromise when looking at the menu. Thanks to the food selector you can put together what you’d like to eat – and what with. For example, alongside the pork tenderloin roasted with a pistachio crust, you can request cauliflower purée, but if you prefer to add a citrus-mixed salad or roast potatoes, you just have to tick it on the food-selection sheet.

But you can also combine the pasta: for example, the reconfigured cabbage mix (with teriyaki sauce, sesame seeds and mung-bean sprouts) can also be ordered with flank steak or pork tenderloin. Of course, if you don’t eat meat, you also have a variety of bistro dishes. The grilled goats’ cheese, the baked beetroot and the filleted orange salad are all worth trying, as is the beetroot risotto.

In tandem with the atmosphere at Scruton, the menu is also characterised by creativity, while their casual approach makes dining even more enjoyable. And if you just want to grab something quick, the varied daily menu is available from 11.30am.

The delicious dishes can be accompanied by special refreshments, but drinking together can also be a great excuse for a larger gathering of friends. It’s worth checking out the espresso- and matchatonics, which have a particularly refreshing effect in the summer heat if you’re sat on Scruton V.P.’s super little terrace. On the drinks menu, you can also find draught beers from the Hübris small-batch brewery, and you’ll be happy to see Guinness, as not many places in Budapest serve the Irish speciality these days.

Next up are cocktails. Here you can choose from your favourite classics, lots of the G&Ts and rare whiskies. You can also try one of the favourite drinks in Budapest right now: Tubi 60 liqueur, which can also serve as the perfect refreshment on summer evenings. One thing is for sure, there’s always something to raise your glass with at Scruton!

In addition to the range of creative food, great drinks and communal atmosphere, they also pay special attention to sustainability, so acts of green thinking are rewarded with points – every time you bring our own box for food, a thermos or a paper bag, that counts towards you winning a gift the tenth time you do it.

At Scruton V.P., there is everything you need for a fantastic day. But this also holds true for their other two outlets in town, where you can choose from a similar selection of food and drinks while enjoying the cosy atmosphere of casual elegance.

Close to Szabadság tér and Parliament, at Zoltán utca 10, Scruton BELVÁROS awaits with breakfast and lunch offers for friendly and formal occasions. Or if you’re just looking for a place to hang out after work, Scruton is a great choice, and the gallery can accommodate intimate, friendly conversation.

On Tas vezér utca, by Feneketlen Lake in gorgeous, green Buda surroundings, you can relax on the spacious terrace of Scruton MCC. Here, in quiet surroundings under tree shade, escaping from the noise of the city’s hustle and bustle, you can enjoy a refreshing drink any time of the day, from morning till the evening.

In addition, on the third Friday of the month, there is a regular fair, where you can browse local goods offered by small-batch producers at Scruton’s market.

Scruton is not just a relaxing, cosy bar with great food and drinks, but they also host events. Find them on Scruton’s website and Facebook page.

Venue information

Scruton V.P.
1053 Budapest, Veres Pálné utca 12
Open: Mon-Wed 8am-10pm, Thur-Fri 8am-midnight, Sat 9am-midnight, Sun 9am-8pm

1054 Budapest, Zoltán utca 10
Open: Mon-Fri: 8am-10pm

Scruton MCC
1113 Budapest, Tas vezér utca 3-7.
Open: Mon-Sat 8am-11pm, Sun 8am-7pm